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    Modeco (named for Modern + Eco-friendly) specializes in bringing nature inside the home through nature inspired designs. It moves away from the polished perfection of man-made materials to the beauty and imperfections of natural and recycled materials such as driftwood, mother of pearl, reclaimed wood and metals etc.

    We work with small artisan businesses to bring their products to you. Below we introduce a new collection - Drift Lamps. 

    Skillfully crafted from driftwood, natural wood, mosaic, mother of pearl and many such interesting material choices, it showcases its fine craftsmanship in the form of exquisite and one of a kind lamps. It uses a lot of recycled materials, as their commitment towards the enviornment. The lamps are a perfect blend of rustic, recycled and modern. The use of organic material and modern design give the lamps a dictinctive identity of their own.