HomePort Takara Elm Collection

In Japanese, “takara” translates as treasure.  Influenced by the clean lines of Scandinavian design and Japanese minimalism, we think of our Takara Elm collection as an unearthed treasure. Made from the same durable and repurposed Chinese elm as in our Unysn Collection, the Takara Collection features a pristinely smooth, natural finish. The layers of time polished away, our Takara Elm Collection is diluted to its unfinished core where its elegance shines brightest.

Honoring the wood’s beauty, The Takara Elm Collection lacks any chemical coatings or easily marred veneer. Instead, its raw element is left to age in its new home, where personal tokens of time will grace its surface. If any stains should appear too unsightly, they are easily removed with light use of some small-grit sandpaper. The Takara Elm Collection maintains high craftsmanship and durability while protecting the Earth’s natural resources.