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    Sectional Sofa Sets

    Living rooms come with the ‘first impression’ rules for any home. The aesthetic of the living area defines the vibe of the overall space. Furthermore, you would want your visitors not only to be impressed but also comfortable and homely when they are seated in the living room. Sectional sofa sets are the best possible additions to your modern, practical home. With roots in the Victorian era, sectional sofas have rapidly become a must-have for many modern spaces, especially the residences due to their ease of movement. The sectional sofa sets, also known as multi-piece sofa, will usually be available in three or five number of pieces. This provides you with the ease to arrange them as per the configuration of your living space. Furthermore, you can easily displace them as per your convenience at any time, unlike regular sofas, which come with a fixed-seating design.

    Available in a variety of styles, designs, and materials, you can choose your favourite sectional sofa, be it crafted with minimal or upbeat aesthetic, right here at Modish. Let us give you an overview of the popular types of sectional sofas so that you can make an informed buying decision. 

    Popular Sectional Sofa Sets for your living area based on size/shape

    It’s a given that living rooms are supposed to be welcoming and refreshing. Therefore, your sectional sofa preferences will be mostly dependent on the area of the living space so that it gives the people seated enough room to themselves. At Modish, we offer attractive and practical sectional sofa sets to suitably fulfil your requirement. Some of the popular sectional couch designs include –

    - L shaped sectional sofas: This type of sectional couchsetting extends in an L-shape, i.e. one or more part of the set extends either towards the left side (left-arm facing / LAF) or towards the right side (right-arm facing / RAF). Often, these sofa sets have two to five seat-sections.
    - U shaped sectional sofas:  This type of sectional sofa features a shallow or deep U-shape. Best fit for large family gatherings, the U shaped sectional sofas can provide flexible and spacious sitting.
    - J shaped sectional sofas: This multi-functional sectional sofa set comes with one section usually more extended than the others for longer leg-space. Be it a movie night with friends or just a casual gathering of family members, J shaped sectional sofas are the most suitable.

    Popular Sectional Sofa Sets for your Living Area based on style/aesthetics

    The aesthetic of sofas matters as much as the size and shape. It elevates the personality of the living area and allows for a finessed, homely emotion. Further more, it can stimulate comfort and let the users blend in easily. Ensuring that the appeal of the sectional sofa is timeless and practical is significant. Here are the popular sectional sofa sets based on your style preference:

    - Stationary Sectional Sofas: This is the classic, most popular sectional preference. Stationary sectional sofas come with a fixed, single layout. This is suitable for those who do not wish to move the sections but rather want the sofas set to be placed once and for all. They will come with a blend of vintage and modern appeal.
    - Modular Sectional Sofas: For those who always prioritize customization, especially when it comes to interior design aesthetics, get yourself a modular sectional sofa. You can detach each piece as per your convenience, and play around with the sofa layout depending on your mood or occasion.
    - Reclining Sectional Sofas: As the name suggests, with a reclining sectional sofa set, you get to enjoy a quick nap or leisure stretching apart from the classic sitting posture. These are high on comfort-value and will be suitable for large living room spaces.
    - Sleeper Sectional Sofas: Go a step ahead and get yourself a sleeper sectional sofa if you occasionally invite guests for overnight stops or more. These sectional sofas offer you a pullout mattress that can be pulled out and folded back in after use.

    Popular Sectional Sofa Sets based on Fabric used and Brands

    At the ModishStore, we offer you a wide range of sectional sofa sets based on the type of fabrics or materials used to build them. The sectional sofas available on our store are comfortable and designed for everyday use. The sectional sofa structures are made of sturdy and good-quality materials like hardwood, engineering wood, metal, wicker, and rattan combined to provide you with durable sofas. The types of fabrics you choose will depend on your lifestyle and will come with a unique set of characteristics such as durability, stain-resistance, fade-resistance, and strength.

    Here are the different fabrics and materials used to design the premium sectional sofas. Our collection of sectional sofas comes from globally reputed furniture brands. These include Modway, Modloft, Baxton Studio, Whiteline, Control Brand among others.

    Sectional sofas made from natural fibres: Naturally sourced fibres bring you a variety of materials to choose from.

    1) Linen as a sofa fabric will provide you with an elegant look and feel, and it is best suitable for those who don’t use the sofas frequently.

    2) Wool, on the other hand, resists wrinkling and fading way better. Paired with a synthetic fibre, sectional sofas made out of wool will provide you with extended durability and less staining.

    3) As for silk, it is a slightly soft and delicate fibre which is more suitable for sectional sofas in a formal setting instead of residences.

    4) Cottonis excellent for sectional sofas because of its fading resistance. It is well-utilized in the long run and is quite family-friendly.

    5) Not to forget, leather is your best bet for sectional sofas if you are looking for a holistic value-for-money purchase. Not only does the material provide a sophisticated aesthetic to the living space, but it is also durable on an everyday basis. Plus, leather sectional sofas are way more comfortable to clean when compared to other fabrics.

    Sectional sofas made from synthetic fibres: Synthetic fibres are a preferred choice for many due to their stain-resistance quality.

    1) You must choose a polyester sectional sofa if you want it to stay away from wrinkling or fading with time. It blends quickly and easily with other fibres and creates an upholstery resistance. If you are inclined towards sectional sofa’s strength, nylon is your best bet. It is also fade-resistant and reduces staining.

    2) Acrylic, on the other hand, is similar to wool in that it resists wear and tear as well as soiling of the sectional sofa. One of the most popular acrylic fabrics is Sunbrella - this is a sun resistant, water-resistant fabric for the outdoors. It is also used indoors because of its durability and stain resistance, which makes it a great option for making upholstery and slipcovers.

    3) If you are going to use the sofa quite frequently, choose olefin as the material because it is known to be most effective when it comes to resisting abrasions, chemical stains, and fading.

    4) Lastly, vinyl-based sectional sofas are for those who want a cheaper alternative to leather but with similar strength.

    The ModishStore is the one-stop solution when you are looking forward to adding aesthetically pleasing and functional sectional sofa sets to your home. Our customer support is always available to assist you.