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Storage & Organization (Upto 25% off)


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    Storage & Organization (Upto 25% off)

    Shelves and Shelving units - Transform your space by making the right choice

    Modish has a range of products to help you create the perfect solution for your shelving and organizing needs.You can find standing shelves, wall shelves, modular shelves, unique bookshelves, and a variety of floating shelves to turn your home into an organized, elegant space.

    Advantages of shelf and shelving units

    Shelving units can serve many purposes – they aren’t meant to be used only as storage units. You can achieve multiple objectives by using them innovatively.

    1. Dead space transformation: One of the practical ways of utlitizing dead space is to add an arresting shelf that adds life to the space, while creating extra room for storage. Stack up your old books, little artefacts or any interesting gizmos to transform this dead space into a beguiling corner. You can even stow away your air humidifier or duvet in the lower shelves till the next Christmas.
    2. Storage space: If you always have loose paraphernalia lying around your home, a shelf unit can help in orderly stacking. Modern furniture is all about practicability, compactness and being creative. Organize all your disarranged bits and bots in a stylish-looking shelf to add style and neatness to your space.
    3. Adding to the aesthetics: Who says shelves are only for keeping things in order and as storage units? You can use shelving units to add character and aesthetics to your space.
    4. Ease of maintenance: Shelves have straight lines and surfaces – this makes them easy to clean and maintain. They are usually built of hard, durable materials making them long lasting and low maintenance.

    Shelves can come in many different types of materials:  glass, wood, metal, acrylic and even recycled metal.  Also you have a wide choice in terms of the variety of finishes and colors.

    Browse our glass wall shelf collection for interesting designs like the floating glass shelves, or corner wall shelves. If you need a sturdy fixture for your room with plenty of space for knick knacks or pictures, check out the Kalalou Triple Hanging shelves.

    If you are in the mood for something really quirky, then try out the Vagabond Vintage inspired Key Rack. Reminisce the hotel scenes from your favourite movies, where you’ll find the inspiration for this iconic key rack. Along with adding a vintage feel to your space, this key rack will ensure keeping all your important keys at an arm’s length reach whenever you need them.

    Need a space for your books? Turn to fantastic bookshelves like the A& B Home Oval Bookshelf  which can be extended by adding other modular bits. For something a little rustic in design, check out our Padma Plantation Recycled wood Book shelf.

    Are you looking for something unusual? Go against the odds this once and bring home Kalalou Five Tiered Round Metal Display Tower. Its round shape is a definite eye-turner, and is just perfect for displaying your artifacts or mantelpieces.  

    Floating wall shelves are quite popular with our community. Available in glass, wood, or metal, these elegant shelves appear as if they are hanging (or floating) on the wall with no anchor. Depending on the depth of the shelf you can even create floating effects where the shelves are not visible at all - only the objects you've placed upon them can be seen.