Selenite Crystal Logs - S2/S3

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  • what happens to selenite in a gas fireplace? Does it emit gases, does it discolor, does it burn...

    Thank you for shopping at modishstore. The selenite firelogs are purely for decorative purpose are cannot be put in a gas fireplace. 

    Please inform if you need any other help 


  • How will these logs be shipped? are they heavy?

    Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The slenite logs are pretty heavy. Between 10-15 pounds for each of the logs .  These are mostly shipped Fedex or UPS 

    Please inform if you need any other help

  • I read somewhere that this is a crystal which helps in curing ailments. Is that right?

    Thanks for your question. 

    Selenite is supposed to have curative properties and is a master crystal in that it is used to charge other crystals. We are no experts on this but a number of our customers bie it for recharging other healing crystals.

    Hope this helps.

    Team Modish

  • Are these logs shatter-proof?

    Thanks for your question. 
    The selenite logs are pretty strong but like all crystalline structure they are not shatter proof.
    Team Modish

  • How are these logs supposed to be used ? Do you sell a pair of logs?

    Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. We can send 2 pair of logs if you want . We normally sell 3 logs but if you want we can sell 2 . 

    Please inform if you want any other help 


  • Are these logs for show? Can they be used in healing?

    Thank you for shopping at Modishstore.  these logs are for show and cannot be used in a fireplace . These can be used to healing 

    Please inform if you need any other help

  • Is the stand included in the purchase?

    Thank you for shopping at Modish

    The stands are not inclued

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