Shipping to Australia/Canada

We have a lot of customers from Australia/Canada  so we decided to create a separate section on shipping costs to these countries.  Any customer having some other suggestions are welcome to send an email and we will add their experience.


1) Recently, I read about the service by Shopmate where they ship the parcel from US to Australia. Shipping costs within US are free so we can deliver to shipmate warehouse. You can have your own shipping from their on. 



2) The other popular option is You can check out the rates on this website and then decide which would be the right shipping option for you. 


Canada/ Australia  

3) We are launching a new service under which we won't charge you any shipping and handling in the beginning. One day before  shipping the actual product, we will find out the actual shipping costs for your parcel and send you the actual cost and you can pay it.  Your parcel will be shipped after you have paid for the shipping costs. 

We don't want to make money on your shipping, we just want to cover our own costs.