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Intimate dinners, romantic occasions, and cozy nooks aren't complete without candlelight. To embrace and frame the candles, there are a variety of candlestick holders, candle wall sconces, votive candle holders, hurricanes, and tea light candle holders to choose from. At Modish, we have a collection that fits any mood and uplifts every moment. These candelabras, votives and tealights are designed to cast a soft and flattering light on the surroundings. The illumination they provide is perfectly suited to light up all those quiet, cherished moments.

Take a look at our bestselling candle holders and get ready for your home to fill with an enchanting glow.

Best selling Candle Holders To Light Up Your Home

Natural Driftwood Candelabra - Vertical

Natural Driftwood Candelabra - Vertical

Artisan Living

At a height of 19 inches, this driftwood candelabra will make any dinner table glow.

This dramatic candle holder contains five candlesticks at a time and is made from selected pieces of weathered driftwood. The wood is safely bleached with eco-friendly peroxide and then fitted with metal discs to safely contain votives or pillar candles.

It's a vivid and memorable wooden candle holder that's sure to become your favorite centerpiece. 

Price: $269.00

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Artisan Living Driftwood Candelabra - Horizontal

Artisan Living

Before it was a candle holder, this was wood that was fashioned over time by the forces of nature. We then repurposed these strands of driftwood to create this flamboyant piece. It's been safely bleached and sanded for an incomparable finish.

It contains seven metal discs that will safely hold votive or small pillar candles. It's a great way to bring home the outdoors and a perfect way to dress up a dinner table.

Price: $359.00

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Vagabond Vintage Black Iron Candelabra

Vagabond Vintage

A candelabra designed to return you to the days before today's fast-paced world of bright electricity. As a centerpiece for your dining table, it's dramatic and unmissable.

It's fashioned from sturdy and hard-wearing black iron and then given a distressed finish. The light and shadows cast by this candelabra will make you feel that you belong to a vintage age of romance. 

Price: $99.00

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Uttermost Nikolas Candelabra


A gorgeous and unique candelabra that will prove to be a conversation piece when placed on any table. This is created from slender strips of iron and finished with lightly antiqued silver. It is mounted on a matte black base and can hold two sets of three candles each.

This minimal yet sturdy candelabra will give any room a distinctive designer touch. You can light decor candles to create visible enchantment.

Price: $281.62

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Kalalou Glass & Antique Brass Finish Wall Mounted Hurricane


Mount this candle holder on your wall and watch the room transform into a scene out of a classic play. It's artistic, it's exclusive, and it's unique.

Created from a combination of transparent glass with an antique brass finish, this hurricane lamp-inspired wall candle holder will match any color and texture. The accents of gold and white will add a tasteful touch to your interiors.

It's available in small and large sizes. It is a blend of contemporary and traditional styles to put an aura of artistry in the room.


Price: $77.95

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Kalalou Original Glass Candle Cylinder With Rustic Insert


These glass candle holders have immense decorative possibilities. You can fill them with fresh fruit for occasions, candy for Halloween, or even jelly beans for Easter. You can add vibrance to your living room by adding flowers into it in the summer or seashells for the holidays. We're sure you can think of many more ways to use them.

It comes in three sizes, so you can choose which one of these votive candle holders will suit your interiors best. The rustic inserts create a distinctive touch, and the glass has captured bubbles for an airy, stylish look.

Price: $77.95

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Vagabond Vintage 4 Candle Centerpiece Planter

Vagabond Vintage

A candle holder for your dining table that will go perfectly with whatever wine you choose. It's also a planter that makes for a perfect display of succulents. At other times, you can light up the four candles to create a natural, warm ambiance.

The long wooden tray with an incomparable rustic touch is handmade from recycled pine. You can fill it with pebbles, moss, small plants, and even wine corks to bring back fond memories.


Price: $59.00

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Kalalou Set Of 3 Tall Cast Iron Candle Holders


This is as classic as you can get. Three tall cast-iron candle holders that will recreate the magic of the days of stagecoaches and romantic meetings.

The cast-iron makes them tough and resistant to abrasions. They're stable, slender, and durable, so you can place them in any corner you like. When lit, they will illuminate your room in the most memorable manner. 

Price: $57.95

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Kalalou Rustic Iron Reindeer With One Tealight


These distinctive and quirky iron candle holders are designed to delight. They resemble a set of three reindeer and are a charming, rustic way to illuminate small candles, especially during Christmas.

The extra-long legs, multiple pointed horns, and large surprised eyes will make children and their parents exclaim in delight. You could display them together as a herd, or simply place each one singly in a separate corner.

Whatever you decide, you'll be sure to have a holiday season filled with light and joy.


Price: $91.95

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Go Home Pair Of Lovett Hurricanes

Go Home

A classic hurricane design made from aluminum and glass with a pewter finish. This unique pair of candle holders will make any table or other surface stand out from the rest.

The hurricane design of these candle holders makes them withstand winds. You can light the candles once and make sure of a well-lit interior for hours.

Place them together or apart, and they'll create warm, intimate spaces for you to luxuriate in.

Price: $107.46

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Kalalou Recycled Glass Mini Votive Cylinder


These glass votive candle holders can be scattered on tables, tucked among serving platters, and even lined along walkways.

Whichever way you use them, they're sure to create a magical effect of light and shade that will enchant visitors.

The smaller cylindrical size makes them uniquely adaptable. They're crafted from recycled glass, so they're environment-friendly too. Use a few to cast a new glow on your surroundings.

Price: $255.80

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Kalalou Set Of 3 Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holders


These tea light candle holders are wonderfully inventive, both in terms of style as well as the material used. The delightful shapes and colors are sure to charm you.


The matching set of three is carefully fashioned from pink-and-white crystalline Himalayan salt. When used with air purifiers and house plants, they can help to improve air quality.

Light them up and make your home feel fresh and clean.

Price: $57.95

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Cyan Design Ranger Candle Holder

Cyan Design

This candle holder for lantern candles is a sleek and modern take on a classic style. It comes in small and large sizes that can be paired for a pleasing effect.


These are lanterns redesigned for a modern age, with sturdy square bases. They're crafted from iron, wood, and glass for a refined yet natural look.  The natural colors and the illumination they provide will always remain a beacon of taste and style.


Price: $170.00

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Tozai Home Candleholders

Tozai Home

A lovely set of five candle holders that can also be used as vases. They're carefully crafted from argent silver and glass for a polished appeal.

The gold and white finish will enhance the glow of votive candles. During the day, they can hold small plants to create a soothing, green nook in your home.

You can even be creative and fill them with pebbles, or water on which to float leaves and other herbage.


Price: $179.00

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Kalalou Recycled Wooden Candle Holder With Four Hurricanes


These wooden candle holders will be a modern and stylish addition to any décor. There are four hurricane slots in each one, to hold candles and to ensure that the light burns bright.

They are designed to snugly fit into a corner of any surface and illuminate it with a soothing glow. The wooden texture contrasts with the clear glass to create a sleek and tasteful effect.

The wood is recycled, so you won't be harming the environment when you bring one home.

Price: $111.95

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Kalalou Oyster Shell Pillar Candle Holders


These shell pillar candle holders are so distinctive that they're sure to attract admiring comments. It's a one-of-a-kind set of three that is made from oyster shells.

The candle holders are of varying sizes, so you can place them together or apart in any corner. They will create an unmissable aura. The understated elegance of these pieces makes them unique.

Whatever the décor, it can only be given a further glow with the unique shapes of these pillar candle holders.


Price: $137.95

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