Buying Guide for Teak Furniture

Buying Guide for Teak Furniture

Buying Guide for Teak Furniture

Buying Guide for Teak Furniture

Teakwood is one of the best choices for furniture because of its rich natural texture and the fact that it lasts for decades. In fact, teak furniture has been in use in some families for many generations and they've sometimes been considered family heirlooms along with jewelry etc. There are different qualities in teakwood and it is important that you know the difference to ensure that you buy a quality product which will last for decades and not just for a year or two.

Here are some of the things you should check when buying Teak furniture.

1. Handmade vs Machine-made?

It is a common belief that handmade things are of better quality. While it may be true in some cases such as leather works and stitching, it is not true in the case of furniture.

In the case of machine-made chairs, for example, two chairs will be identical in nearly every way and this type of similarity is not possible in handmade products. Handmade products are often of uneven quality and they don’t employ quality controls.

2. Teak Grades

There are different grades or qualities of teakwood divided into Grade A, B and C. Grade A teak is the best quality because of which it is the most expensive. Even though it is the most expensive of the three grades, it is the only one that easily lasts a lifetime. Grade A is composed of the central part of teakwood with a golden honey like color which looks glossy and even colored and oily to the touch.

The lowest quality teak, which you must avoid for your own benefit, is Grade C teak. It is wood from the outer sections of the tree which is the living part and water and minerals are transported in this part of the tree. There is a large degree of contrast between colors and it is the softest wood of all three. It has a very short lifespan and any furniture made out of it will not last more than a year or two.

3. Quality

There is a lot more which goes in the manufacture of furniture than just good quality wood. Good manufacturers use high-quality glue which ensures the longevity of your furniture in contrast with those who try to save money in glue costs. Apart from wood, metals are also used in the manufacture of your furniture, check with the manufacturer for this and ensure that they’re using rust-proof fittings.

4. Guarantee

Since good quality teak lasts for decades, your furniture manufacturer should be able to give you at least a 10-year guarantee for Grade A timber furniture. Check for the guarantee and make sure that you get one in writing.

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