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Wall Planters, Troughs & Cachepots


    Wall Planters, Troughs & Cachepots

    Create a resplendent vertical garden on your walls. Wall mounted planters or plant-holders are the next big thing in gardening in small spaces and apartments. Wall planters come in different shapes and sizes and can be used to create a vertical garden. Materials like metal, ceramics are the best for wall planters as they do not leave water trails on your walls. Most of these planters can be used with planter liners which provides an additional layer of protection against water seepage. . Several times we get asked if a special soil is needed for the wall planters. No, you can use any potting soil mix you would use for your garden pots. However, do remember that the quantity of the soil mix is limited by the size of the plant-box and consequently, this affects the selection of plants for the wall garden. We recommend small flowering plants, creepers and climbers, succulents and also kitchen herbs like basil, lemongrass can be grown with ease. Do remember that wall planters are not appropriate for deep tap rooted plants or underground bulbs. We also recommend plants which are not water-intensive. Succulents and cactii are great for this reason. 

    Now your walls can be the canvas for your gardening creativity. We recommend out popular series like the Roost Braza, and Orbea series as also great selection from Kalalou, Vagabond Vintage and Garden Age.