Bamboo Rattan Lamps Lighting Chandeliers

At Modish, we have a curated collection of driftwood decor, furniture and lighting products for your modern home. Our special focus on sustainability and environment has led to a large range of refurbished, reclaimed & recycled products that are stylish and chic. The Modish catalogue consists of high quality, exquisite, hand-crafted or artisan made items sourced from different countries in rustic, industrial, farmhouse and vintage styles. We sell reputed brands like Artisan Living, Kalalou, Uttermost, Garden Age, Modway, HomArt, Vagabond, Gold Leaf, Zodax etc.

If there’s one aspect of your home’s décor that can instantly spruce up the look and feel of your space and liven-up the interiors, it is your home’s lighting. By investing in premium-quality handmade bamboo lamps, bamboo lighting fixtures, rattan lampshades and rattan pendant lights, you can turn your home into a warm, elegant and well-lighted haven while being gentle and supportive of the environment.

Bamboo and rattan handmade decorative lighting products are quite the rage these days, thanks to their intricate look, shapes and designs, unique ability to complement all kinds of decor styles, and easy-going charm. What’s more, since bamboo and rattan are fast-growing, environmentally-friendly and renewable resources that can be replenished quickly, they make a preferred and highly desirable lighting option for your home, office, restaurant, store and other commercial establishments.

From designer pendant lamps, bamboo ceiling lights, bamboo chandeliers and rattan floor lamps to wicker lampshades, hanging bamboo lights, outdoor rattan lighting, and rattan pendant lampshade, the choices in bamboo rattan lamps, lighting and chandeliers will meet all your home lighting needs.

Known for its strength and hardness, Bamboo is variety of hollow tropical grass that grows at a fast speed and can be put to many uses, such as for manufacturing bamboo furniture, handicraft items, paper, baskets, as food and for making bamboo light fixtures such as bamboo table lamp, bamboo floor lamp, bamboo lights and bamboo pendant lighting, etc.

Often confused with Bamboo, Rattan is a natural fast-growing solid timber vine that is primarily a weaving material and a popular choice in the construction of outdoor cane furniture, baskets, mats, and rattan lighting fixtures such as rattan pendant lamps, rattan chandeliers, rattan ceiling light, rattan table lamp, etc.

Bamboo and Rattan Wicker Lighting – The term wicker refers to the technique of weaving a variety of natural (bamboo, cane, and rattan) and synthetic materials (vinyl) into different patterns and designs, and the woven lighting products created through this technique such as wicker lampshades and wicker light fixtures, etc.

If you’re looking for beautiful, sophisticated and diverse bamboo pendant lamps, bamboo and rattan lighting fixtures and wicker rattan hanging lamps for your living room, bedrooms, and dining space, the ModishStore is exactly where you should be!

showcasing excellence in designs patterns and styles our eclectic collection of bamboo rattan lamps lighting chandeliers are a cut above the rest made by talented skilled local artisans guaranteed to beautify brighten your interiors with their graceful charm sense drama.

Some popular bamboo and rattan lightings styles are Classic, Contemporary, Rustic, and Modern, Country, Traditional, Transitional and Vintage.

From smaller handmade table lamps for your living room or bedroom side tables to large signature pieces to hang above the kitchen island, family room and dining space, our bamboo lights and rattan lighting pendants will more than deliver.

Take, for example, the delightful Wicker Grace Handmade Pendant Lamp by Artisan Living that is meticulously hand-woven from bamboo and rattan grasses. The Fishermen Net Pendant Lamps are another top-seller that stands out for their intricate knot-technique, primarily used by fishermen to prepare their nets. These pretty hanging lamps offer an almost magical feel when hung on a pillar or teamed-up with tea-lights. And then there is the Basket Shaped Lamp that is made from palm leaf fiber and is a likeable mix of modern style and traditional feel, just right for elevating your décor the way you want.


What is the difference between bamboo and rattan as used for making lamps and lighting?

The main difference between bamboo and rattan lies in their flexibility. Since bamboo stems are hollow from the inside, it is an inflexible material that can be neither bent nor woven. In sharp contrast, rattan is immensely flexible and can be easily curved, bent and given all kinds of detailed shapes and intricate eye-catching patterns.
Take a look at our collection of bamboo lighting and rattan lighting fixtures here at the ModishStore, and witness the charm and appeal of these two beautiful and environmentally-friendly renewable materials.

What are the different shapes of bamboo and rattan lamps that are available?

Bamboo and rattan lamps are available in a wide variety of attractive shapes, some common while many uncommon, resembling everyday items of use which will brighten your home with their graceful good looks. Some popular shapes of bamboo and rattan lamps include - Round, Oblong, Sphere, Cylinder, Spiral, Swirl, Cage, Dome, Vase, Ball, Hat, Cap, Bucket, Basket, Wheel, Jelly-fish, and Gourd.

What are the different types of lighting typically used in a household?

When it comes to shopping for lights for your home, there are many varieties that you can choose from. The best way to pick the right type of light is to first think about how you use a particular space and then consider how much light is essential in that space.

The most common types of household lighting include –

AMBIENT LIGHTING: Also known as mood lighting or general lighting, ambient lights provide soft and mild overall lighting and are ideal for intimate spaces and relaxed conversations. They offer a warm glow and a restful illumination. Popular varieties of ambient lighting include rattan and bamboo chandeliers, ceiling lights and pendant lights, etc.

TASK LIGHTING: Task lighting is best for spaces where you perform tasks that require a good focused light without any glare such as your cooking space, reading nook, writing desk, and the office work desk, etc. Popular varieties of task lighting include bamboo and rattan pendant lights, and desk lamps.

ACCENT LIGHTING: Stylish and modern, accent lights are great for highlighting certain parts of your wall, room or home such as beautiful wall art, your indoor plants, a designer furniture piece or some aspect of the architecture. With the help of accent lighting, you can divert and direct attention to any particular area or spot in a room. Popular varieties of accent lighting include wall-mounted lights, track and landscape lights, etc.

CHANDELIER LIGHTING: Classy and desirable, chandeliers are a great addition to spaces with high ceilings. Based on your preferences, you can install them at a height that suits your needs. Some popular chandelier lights at the ModishStore include the Bamboo Wicker Rattan Hat Shade Adjustable Spider Chandelier and the Natural Rattan Wood Chandelier by Artisan Living.

CEILING LIGHTING / PENDANT LIGHTING: Ceiling lights and mounted light fixtures work well in the hallway, porch, kitchen, bedroom, living room and are sought after for their attractive good looks. Pendant lights are highly versatile lights that hang from the ceiling with the help of a wire, rod or a chain. Since they are suspended in air, they save a lot of space.

With the right type and number of pendant lights, you can achieve different looks and styles of lighting in the different parts of your home, office or restaurant including ambient, accent and task lighting.

How does one hang a pendant light from the ceiling?

To hang your rattan pendant light from the ceiling, follow these simple steps –

1. SHUT DOWN POWER – The most crucial first step is to switch off the power of the area or room where you are going to hang the pendant light by turning off the circuit breaker in the electrical panel installed in your home.

2. UNINSTALL THE PREVIOUS FIXTURE – If you already have a light fixture installed, this is the time to remove it. Use a ladder to reach up and safely remove the light bulb (if applicable). Now use a screwdriver to unscrew the fixture’s collar from the ceiling cover and disconnect the wires that were connecting the fixture to the wiring at the ceiling (electrical box). Once this is done, move on to removing the mounting bracket that was holding the old fixture in its place.

3. PREPARE YOUR NEW PENDANT LAMP – Check to see if your pendant light is pre-assembled. If not, this is the time to assemble it using the assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer, one step at a time. Start by putting together all the pieces such as the mounting bracket, fixture collar, hanging cord or chain, globe and the wiring. At this point, ensure that the wiring goes through the cord so that it is safely concealed by the collar.

4. CONNECT THE NEW FIXTURE – Using the screws provided with the new fixture, attach the mounting bracket to the electrical box and ensure that the wires from the electrical box are visible. Now connect the like wires from the ceiling to the wires on your fixture – red to red, black to black, and white to white. Use the three colored connectors to cover the exposed parts of the three pairs of connecting wires. Place the wires inside carefully and fix the pendant’s collar to the top of the ceiling cover.

5. ADJUST THE PENDANT’S HEIGHT – Now it’s time to ensure that the height of your new bamboo pendant lamp is just right to get the best lighting experience without compromising on movement. On average, a pendant light should be hung at least 30 – 40” above a workspace. If you feel the pendant is hanging too low, pull the cords at the mounting bracket and remember to conceal it inside.

6. ATTACH THE LIGHT BULB & TURN BACK POWER – Place the right light bulb into the socket and ensure that your pendant is hanging securely. Resume power by turning on the circuit breaker.

Congratulations, you have just installed your brand-new bamboo rattan pendant light!

How does one swap out a pendant light?

To swap out a bamboo pendant light, follow these steps –

  1. Switch off the electricity by turning down the circuit breaker.
  2. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the cap of the old pendant and disconnect the wires.
  3. Remove the old pendant.
  4. Measure the desired length of the new pendant and cut the cord accordingly.
  5. Attach the fixture to the ceiling using the screws and connect the three sets of same-colored wires from the ceiling to the pendant – red to red, black to black, and white to white.
  6. Cover the exposed parts using colored connectors and carefully place them inside.
  7. Tighten the cap in place.
How high should pendant lights be hung?

Pendant lights should be hung in such a way that they provide ample lighting without getting in the way of movement, especially if you have tall family members.
When hanging pendant lamps above your kitchen counters, remember to measure from the counter upwards, reaching up to the pendant’s bottom rim to determine the best height of your pendant lights. On average, a pendant should be hung at least 30 inches above the counter and 60 inches above the floor.

What kind of bulbs is suitable for lamps - LED, incandescent, halogen or CFL? What are the pros & cons of each type?

There are four varieties of bulbs that you can use with bamboo and rattan lamps.

LED: They offer a good output with low wattage, making them the most power-efficient lighting option and a good investment. LED bulbs can last for up to 15-20 years.

INCANDESCENT BULBS: They are mercury-free and last for a year. Incandescent bulbs contain a filament that, once heated, produces a glow. The brightness can be reduced using a dimmer.

HALOGEN BULBS: Although the mechanism of halogen bulbs is similar to incandescent bulbs, they are more energy-efficient. They usually last for a year.

CFLs: CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Light. It is a great alternative to incandescent bulbs as it is more energy-efficient even though it produces the same output of light.

We are so happy that you’ve decided to invest in eco-friendly lighting options. Bamboo Rattan Table Lamps, Hanging Lamps, Lighting and handmade Chandeliers can completely transform the look of your home. These cost-effective handcrafted lighting products will give you a world of flexibility to light up the different areas of your home, any way you want.

Considering that there is no dearth of options to choose from, let’s take a look at some factors to consider when shopping for Bamboo and Rattan Lighting -

Bamboo Rattan Pendant Lamps come in multiple styles and designs:

Pendant lamps are superb lighting options but when you invest in pendants made from bamboo or rattan, their attraction goes up manifolds. At the ModishStore, you will find exquisitely handcrafted rattan pendant shades in shapes as diverse as a wheel, basket, cap, dome, drum, vase, spiral, swirl, sphere, oblong, round and many more.

Our handmade pendant lamps and modern pendant lamp designs are inspired by styles from different geographical regions including South-east Asia, America and Japan, and can instantly glam-up your home’s appeal.

The good thing about rattan and bamboo pendants is that they are available in multiple sizes, giving you great flexibility. Use several smaller pieces for a clustered look or just go with one large rattan pendant lamp to create a single unmissable focal point in your dining or living room space, the choice is yours!

Before you select a bamboo or rattan light, think about the lighting effect you would like to achieve and the location where you will be installing these lights.

For example, with a rattan or bamboo chandelier, you can create an overall lighted atmosphere (ambient lighting). For more focused lighting, go for a rattan or bamboo pendant that can be hung above your kitchen island or work table.

Under this light, you can write, sketch, embroider, read, cook and perform any other task that requires attention and steady focused light.

Pendant lights are ever popular lighting options due to the flexibility they offer in terms of placement. You can hang them above your kitchen island, the hallway, your dining area or even above your reading nook.

Since they are suspended in the air, they do not take up unnecessary space and offer a trendy modern look without being bulky. Take, for example, the Rattan Aviary Pendant Handmade Lamp by Artisan Living that has an exquisite and dramatic chandelier-style look which will instantly stylize your home.

Pay attention to the height of your family members before you choose the right bamboo rattan pendant lamp for your home. Usually, it is best to hang a pendant at-least 7 feet above the floor at the entryway and 30-40 inch above the counter.

We invite you to explore the stunning world of bamboo and rattan lighting fixtures and chandeliers. Their intricacy, superior craftsmanship and creative charm will fill your home with grace and beauty.

Come - experience the pleasures of owning bamboo rattan lighting products. Shop at the ModishStore for the best offers.