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Animals & Pets


    Animals & Pets

    No matter how small or large your living space may be, it is your choice of home décor and the way you keep your home interiors that says a lot about your personality and turns your house into a home. Though there are numerous options available to decorate your home and an even longer list of home décor themes you can play around with, the popularity of animals and pet décor is one that shows no signs of abating. 

    The Modish Store is your single-point source for some of the most fascinating décor animals and animal statues, anywhere on the internet. Whether you are a hardcore pet lover or someone who is fascinated by animals but does not want the responsibilities that come with having a pet, you are going to love our heartwarming collection of rustic animal and pet décor products, pet beds, and pet wall décor items that match varied tastes and preferences. Our products are fashionable, flawless and downright adorable, guaranteed to leave your guests gushing with awe at these lovely décor animals and you with a feast for the eyes and a home that beautifully showcases your eclectic taste in décor. 


    Sourced from all over the world, all products are hand-made or artisan-made, so when you shop at Modish for your favorite animal statues and home décor pets, you take home a piece of creative genius that is gentle on the environment and gives back to the society. We work with some of the top-most home décor brands known for their ‘green’ design ethos and responsible manufacturing practices. Each of our products, right from the driftwood animals to the dog room decorations, and recycled wood animals, etc., showcase our dedication towards promoting environment-friendly items and support our green initiative. In fact, every time you place an order with us, we will plant a tree on your behalf send you a tree certificate.

    Some of the top-rated animal and pet décor brands at Modish include – A&B Home, Dimond Home, Garden Age Supply, HomArt, Roost, Surya, Kalalou,Hi-Line Gift Ltd, Interior Illusions Plus, and many more.


    One look at our chic and sophisticated animals’ décor products and you will fall in love with these beautiful works of art, just like we did. And we are not just talking about the geometric patterns, shapes and a huge variety in colors. Our entire portfolio of home décor pets stands out for its creative and responsible use of recycled, refurbished and reclaimed raw materials that care for and contribute to the environment. Some of the most popular materials include cotton fabric scraps, rewoven and recycled newspaper, reclaimed metal, paper mache, ceramic, recycled and salvaged pieces of driftwood, resin, stone and glass, etc.

    DID YOU KNOW? A lot of our products, especially those made with fabric patch work our unique items. There are no two products exactly the same.


    When it comes to adding tasteful pet and animal décor pieces to your home, there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. And with the vast array of décor styles our products encapsulate, you can be assured of a satisfying shopping experience, here at Modish. From contemporary, modern and rustic styles to eclectic, transitional, vintage and beach-style, our animal statues, wooden and metal deer, recycled dog and pets’ décor pieces will give you a world of choices to indulge in. All you have to think about is the look you’re going for, and then start adding home décor pets to your shopping cart for the living room, bed rooms, patio, garden, tv room and your pets corner! Bring home all your favorite animals and pets for yourself and your children without having to worry about cleaning after them while contributing to the environment.


    Being an animal lover, you may have wished you had more space at home and more time on hand to keep a lot more pets and care for them. Well, we may not be able to grant you those two wishes but we can certainly help you bring a lot more animal-friends into your personal space by presenting to you our huge range of animals and pet décor pieces.

    Our animal-family at Modish includes – Wooden and iron dogs, recycled cats, wooden and metal deer, paper mache pigs, bunnies, driftwood polar bears, pigs and ram, metal turkey, metal woodpecker, wooden shark, cloth stags, metal flamingos, wooden horse, metal crow, wolf pup, seahorse, metal whale, felt reindeer, forest stag, tiger, rhino, rabbit, and many more.


    In addition to animals and pets décor items, we also offer a gorgeous collection of high-quality pet beds for your favourite pet. After all, your pets deserve all the love and attention they can get, and it all begins with a comfy and soft bed so your pet is happy and well cared for. The pet beds at Modish come in a variety of sizes to ensure that your pet has enough room to toss and turn. Plus, keep in mind your pet’s size, weight, and age while picking out the right pet bed. Our pet bed styles range from traditional, contemporary and rustic to industrial and transitional. And depending on the extent of shedding and the length of your pet’s hair, you can select beds in cotton or fleece materials.

    Other materials available include wood, leather, corduroy, fur, metal, ceramic, glass and zinc in solid colors and prints. And that’s not all. In addition to round pet beds, we also have ceramic bird houses, round metal bird cage, and more.

    As you can probably tell, the Modish store has everything you need to turn your home into a pet-loving haven with stylish animal statues, animal wall décor and so much more. Plus our range of pet beds will make sure that your pets give you the most wonderful cuddle.

    Start shopping now; we assure you, you’ll love the experience!