8 Classy Ways To Style Your Home Bar

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Home bars are an often neglected space which could jazz up your home easily. It could be a drinks bar or a breakfast bar, we think it could turn out into an interesting space with a few winning ideas.  Go for an intimate bar with a cozy set up or an expansive one in the man cave, or one that doubles up for a breakfast bar or a tiny nook by your favorite window, check out the eight ideas for decking up your home bar.

1. Interesting Angles:

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Completing a bar layout is the most exciting part besides toasting its completion. Consider a design that can add interest to your place - don't settle for the ordinary seating and standing space.

Play with elements - install a big glass mirror behind the bar. Choose the stools of multiple colors and bar table that fits right into your place.

2. Go Gold:

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9 Rustic Clay Planters to Decorate Outer & Inner Space

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Clay and terracotta planters are truly organic, as they are created out of mud and baked in an old style oven. They are virtually the first artifacts that man created, and they are still around.  Clay pots add an old-world charm to our home, which can do wonders in terms of adding rustic appeal. Rustic decor is an ideal aesthetic to go along with plants due to the more weathered look that makes them feel like they have spent time outdoors. Nothing beats them on their versatility and their sustainability quotient. Scroll on for some of our favorite planters which you should try at once to give a new look to your space-

1. Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter-Modish Store

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Three grey square clay planters with copper hanger are a great way to elevate home space without shelling out thousands of bucks. This classic design will give a sophisticated and contemporary look to your place.  If you want to go with a DIY solution...

The Ultra Cool Roost Ellipse Chair for the Summer

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Comfort rules. You want to be able to sit in a good chair comfortably for a few hours and be able to talk and enjoy a glass of wine. There's nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Amanda Pays.

The Roost Ellipse Chair is a bohemian adaptation of the classic Acapulco chair that definitely fits the bill, whether it is on the porch, sunning, or in front of a toasty, warm fire.

Often, the one place where I can be myself, is my favorite chair. The little pleasures in life are quite simple, like sitting and being alone with oneself on a comfortable chair, with a nice, steaming cup of tea in hand. The Roost Ellipse Chair is definitely among my most favorite places!

The unique design of the Roost Ellipse Chair earned it a spot as one of the 5 best summer chairs. The Roost Ellipse Chair has been described by author Julie Carson, as the top chair in her five favorite bohemian themed chairs. The Ellipse Chair’s USP is, hands down, its simple design, which...

7 Stylish Makeover Ideas for Bookshelves

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 Books stamp the personality of the home-owner all over the room. What would you think if you found dog-eared fairytales and school year-books lovingly lined on the bookshelf? And what would you know about a stranger if you saw travel books along the wall? Designers use books to personalize an impersonal office. Books are not neutral decor features. Like the written word, they carry a lot of meaning. Today, we want to help you appreciate simple ways in which you can use bookshelves to make your room interesting.

1. Organize A Colorful Twist:

Organize A Colorful Twist

Bookshelves make a natural focus in a room, so why not take advantage of colors?  Do a colorful makeover of your bookshelf with bold and subtle paints.

Painting the back of  bookshelves creates a fresh, energetic look that will instantly wake up a room - and your entire space.

2. Two-Toned Color:

Two-Toned Color-Modish Store

There is no rule that you can only use one color for your bookshelf. Painting built-ins offer something for everyone - add contrast that...

12 Stylish and trendy Home Decor Ideas

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Take your home to the new edge with out-of-the-box decor ideas. Give a bold look, vintage style and a combination of traditional and modern designs to your place with color palettes, lush leaves, and titled mirror.  There is a never-ending list of ideas one can have when it comes to home decor, and here we are going to discuss some of the stunning ideas which you should try at once to give a new flash to your space.

1. Go Creative with Framing:

Craft a set of framed prints from your photos, take a snapshot of your kids, your best moments with family, pets, or flowers in your garden. Order your prints, print them at home or buy ready-made frames at your favorite crafts store that comes under your budget.

"Buy frames of different sizes and shapes, and render alternate colors. Do not forget to add floral look with your frame matting;  this will cherish the look of your space."

2.Add Bold Look in Small Space:

Graphics printed with bold colors can drop a...