Give your home a warm and cozy makeover this season with these rustic Christmas decor ideas. Rustic has a charm of its own as it evokes simpler times. Even though the rustic look is a great one year-round, Christmas is one of the best seasons for rustic decor to show off its best assets.

From wood finishes and burlap accents to natural elements, your home can be filled with traditional, rustic Christmas charm without breaking the bank.The best part of rustic Christmas decorations is its simplicity.

So, here are some ideas to add rustic chic to your Christmas decorations this year.

1). Kalalou Green Wooden Christmas Trees

Wooden Christmas Trees Set of 2

Price: $239.75

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2). Garden Age Supply Harini Driftwood Tree

Driftwood Christmas Tree Set of 2-Available in 5 different heights from 12 inches to 48 inches

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3). Driftwood Star Tree Topper/ Christmas Wreath - Set of 4

Christmas Wreath Set of 4


30% Off

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4) Evergreen Christmas Tree with Golden/Silver Ball Ornaments ALX102- Red-Gold/Silver/Green-Gold

Wooden Spray Painted Christmas Trees- Set of 3 of Different Heights.3 rustic colors earth tones


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5). Kalalou Reclaimed Driftwood Nativity Set- 6 Figurines

Driftwood Nativity Set with 5 figurines. In stock and ready to ship

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6). Yuletide Christmas Trees- Wooden-Set of 3- Green/Red/Pink/White

Yuletide Christmas Tree Wooden- Set of 3 of different sizes . Available in 3 Festive colors.

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7). Feather Tree by Homart

Feather Christmas Tree Available in 2 sizes.

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9). Clara advent calendar Set Of 2

Clara Advent Calender Set of 2 – Heirloom Quality Holiday Count Down Project made of woof with 24 icons

Price: $100

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10). Artificial Frosted Christmas Tree \ Large By Kalalou

Frosted Christmas Tree, On Sale


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11). Birch Veneer Laser Cut Christmas Ornaments Set/27- Quick Ship

Birch Veneer Laser Cut Christmas Ornaments Set/27

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13). Christmas Star Ornament- String of 5- Silver/Green/Golden/Red

Wood Star Ornaments String of 5 - Cute stars, horses and angels in wood. Available in many colors

Price: $14

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14). Celeste Christmas Angels -Red & White-by Artisan Living ALX104

Christmas Angels Red & White

Price: $81

30% Off

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16). Kalalou Whitewashed Giant Twig Topiaries - Set Of 3

Whitewashed Giant Twig Topiaries Set of 3

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17). Kalalou Set Of 2 Felt Polar Bears

– Polar Bears made of white felt , set of 2

Price: $30.75

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18). Kalalou Galvanized Angels - Set of 2

Galvanized Angels Set of 2

Price: $217.75

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