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Floor Planters, Troughs & Cachepots


    Floor Planters, Troughs & Cachepots

    Thanks to the wide range of choices available in indoor and outdoor floor planters, troughs and cachepots, you can easily convert your home, balcony, garden, deck or patio into a green retreat. After all, there is no better way to bring warmth, beauty and aesthetics into your home than placing plant pots, flower pots and succulent planters in your home’s interior and exterior spaces. All that’s left to do then is relax in the company of your favorite plants and feel one with nature!

    High-quality house planters and outdoor floor planters stand out for their durability, versatility and superior design. Depending on your home’s décor, you can pick the ones that best meet your size, style and design preferences, and begin beautifying your home in the most environment-friendly way possible.


    Modish has you covered. Our fully-stocked collection of Floor Planters, Terracotta Pots, Nursery Planters and Shade Planters will support you a hundred percent in adding greenery to different parts of your home and its surroundings. Just place them on the floor at strategic locations of your living room, entrance, or the deck to add a subtle charm to your spaces. Manufactured by the world’s leading brands, these succulent pots, troughs, clay cachepots, wooden and concrete planters, small and large planters come in a variety of styles – Rustic, Contemporary, Modern, Industrial, Country, Traditional, Transitional, and Vintage, etc. Choices in materials include bamboo, clay, and ceramic, copper, concrete, glass, metal, marble and iron, etc.

    Take a look at some excellent choices for your home -

    Vagabond Vintage Cement Log Planter – A set of one large and one small log planters, this is a durable cement planter that will look great wherever you choose to place it.

    Napa East Sonoma Half Barrel Planter – Equipped with drain holes at the bottom, this solidly constructed and unique half barrel planter is a perfect addition to any garden, deck or outdoor landscape.

    HomArt Rustic Planters, Terra Cotta Grande Cylinders – These antique red, moss grey and whitestone terracotta cylinders serve as ideal homes to orchid pots, tomato pots and more. For a rustic look, place them in your greenhouse, yard or patio.

    Gold Leaf Design Group Tombo Grey Planter – Made from fiberglass and clay, this set of 2 grey planters can be kept inside or outside your home and is a great investment for your home décor and gardening needs.

    HomArt Apollo Ceramic Head Cachepot – Cachepot enthusiasts will love this set of 4 Grecian-inspired white head cachepots that exude glamour and avoid water leaks.

    Shop Modish now for attractive floor planters, cachepots and troughs, and decorate your home in different shades of green!