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Wall Shelf


    Wall Shelf

    Significance of the Furniture You’re Surrounded By

    The furniture that you own speaks volumes about you. It defines you in more ways than one and is an extension of your personality. For example, a person who reveres historical items would prefer a heavily designed antique table while someone who likes to ‘keep it simple’ would go for minimalistic designs. Hence, it is very important to choose your furniture wisely and from a wide range of options.

    Often, the space available is very limited. It is thus imperative for you to make the most of it. Latest designs in furniture are meant for just that – to occupy the least space yet be the most purposeful. Your furniture can make your place look big or small. Furniture causes the illusion of the apparent size of a place and hence influences your thinking about it. An overfilled or cramped looking space is not very welcoming or positive. Needless to say, furniture influences your mood and plays a huge role in determining how you feel at a place.

    Wall Shelves

    Homes and offices have limited floor-space. But who said floor space is the only usable space? Wall shelves are wall-mounted shelves that turn your walls into purposeful spaces. They can be attached to your walls and used for keeping a myriad of things.

    Advantages of Wall Shelves

    Floating Wall Shelves increase the amount of space available in your place. These shelves don’t need ‘legs’ to stabilize themselves and hence free up a lot of space. A cabinet replaced by a few floating wall shelves makes your place look bigger by making it less muddled.
    Adorning your walls with paintings or photographs is a thing of the past. Decorative Wall Shelves increase the aesthetic appeal of your place by letting you keep on them whatever you feel like and giving you the option to change them too.
    They are easy to install and maintain. Cleaning the wall shelves is as easy as rubbing-off dust from a tabletop and they only require a few minutes to install.
    Wall shelves prove to be very utilitarian for keeping things that you need easy access to and want to keep within your sight. For example, wall shelves for books or corner wall shelves keep the objects visible whilst adding to your room’s décor.

    How to Choose the Best Wall Shelf

    The best part about wall shelves is that they come in all shapes and sizes, thus catering to a variety of customer needs. In order to make a wise decision about your furniture, it's imperative that you know about every variety that is available and then takes an informed decision. Let’s look at the various wall shelf ideas available.

    The Assortment of Wall Shelves Available at Modish

      - Compartment / Cubbies: Perfect for storing a large number of articles with judicious use of space. Such wall shelves are simple in design and each wall shelf unitis placed right next to the other. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. They can be used for several purposes like keeping clothes, books, tools in a garage, decorative items or cutlery.
        - Honeycomb Wall Shelves: Here’s a thing for lovers of futuristic and artistic designs – honeycomb wall shelves. These shelves are slightly different in design from cubbies but are equally beneficial for storing items. Inspired by nature’s design of honeycombs, they’re impeccable for your drawing room.
          - Tray Wall Shelves: What can be more minimalistic yet useful than a simple tray used as a wall shelf? As purposeful as it can be – nothing more and nothing less. The tray wall shelves are meant for those who want to go for an elegant look with furniture that takes the least space required. Available in a myriad of colours and materials, these wall shelves are multi-purpose. Whether it's your books that have outgrown in number or your child’s latest trophies, tray wall shelves are here to accommodate them all!
            - Corner Wall Shelves: In a house, the corners are four times the number of rooms, yet very seldom do we realize their importance and use them to our benefit. Often, they look like a space left empty for the dearth of ways to fill it. Corner Wall Shelves provide an innovative solution to this problem.

            They fit perfectly in the corners of the available space and can be used for countless purposes. Glass wall shelves can be fitted in bathrooms for keeping toiletries while lightweight wire or metal wall shelves can be used for keeping decorative items in the house.

             - Circular / Oval wall shelves: Circular or oval wall shelves give a simplistic touch to your place whilst giving a modern look. They look complete in themselves and can be a great addition to a room that has other circular shaped furniture. Such wall shelves use metal for the outer frame and have flat trays to keep your things.

            There are various other shapes that are derived from the basic circular structures (like the house-shaped wall shelves) that add to the beauty of it.

            Choosing the material for your wall shelves

            Modish gives you a wide range of materials to choose from. There are sleek-cut glass wall shelves for those who want to go for a modern and delicate look. Also, there are exquisite wooden wall shelves as a sturdier option to go with the rest of your furniture. However, the latest fad is the minimalist wired or metal wall shelf that never fails in giving your place an artsy touch.

            The designs are not the only aspect of furniture that can be futuristic. At Modish, we pay great attention to bringing to you brands like HomArt, A&B Home and Manhattan Comfort, that encourage eco-friendly ways of manufacturing the furniture. There are several options in wall shelves that are made of recycled wood, repurposed metal, and brick mold. These options not only coincide with the needs of the future but also do so while being very purposeful for the consumer.