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Driftwood Furniture


    Driftwood Furniture

    Find natural and salvaged driftwood furniture at Modish. We have coffee tables, side tables, garden furniture, console tables handcrafted out of driftwood and mangrove roots. No two pieces are alike. Each handmade item has a complex, naturally-sculpted form and intricate grain pattern. Our driftwood collection is designed to leave the smallest environmental footprint.

    Driftwood Furniture

    Where does driftwood come from?

    Driftwood is wood that has been salvaged from near water bodies. There are various types of wood that can be washed ashore, each more mysterious than the last. The majority of driftwood will be twigs, logs, and sticks that have come from trees. They may have been washed into the sea via storms or flooding, sometimes they will come from loggers and even sunken wooden ships.

    How does driftwood look different from other kinds of woods?

    Driftwood furniture is almost always bleached by the sun's ultra-violet rays and looks very natural light color. Some designers stain their driftwood – however, this creates a very different appearance that is not typically what you would associate with driftwood.

    The wood is almost always smooth too. It is anyone’s guess how long the wood has been adrift in the sea. The constant crashing of the waves, and the endless erosion of the water smooth all rough edges of to a beautiful smooth round shape.

    These two factors make driftwood a stunning natural looking material – it is impossible to see a piece of driftwood furniture without thinking of the seaside.

    The driftwood furniture and decor available on Modish

    Driftwood Coffee Tables, side tables are the most popular option in driftwood furniture. The wood is strong enough to support the weight of a coffee table and is usually made with a glass top. This allows you to see the beauty of the driftwood from lots of different angles. 

    Driftwood console tables are another great use of driftwood. They can only really be used to hold ornamental trinkets and should never be used to hold any substantial weight.

    Driftwood lamps are also quite popular. Small size pieces that are not suited for constructing larger pieces of furniture are utilized in these lamps. Driftwood chandeliers and pendant lamps are also quite popular.

    Driftwood mirrors and picture frames are also quite common and popular and add an enchanting decor accent to any room.

     Driftwood- designed by nature, fashioned by man.

    Driftwood is wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea, lake, or river by the action of winds, tides or waves. It is a form of marine debris or tidewreck. Most driftwood is the remains of trees, in whole or part, that have been washed into the ocean, due to flooding, high winds, or other natural occurrences, or as the result of logging. Erosion and wave action may make it difficult or impossible to determine the origin of a particular piece of driftwood.

    Why driftwood décor or furniture?

    Using driftwood for décor is a brilliant idea because it is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly because you use reclaimed old wood for creation of new and amazing designs. Driftwood can be utilized as a major aspect of the decorative furniture or other works of art and is a mainstream component in the landscape of fish tanks. 

    Every piece of driftwood is unique and an unmatched blend of the romance and historyof old with new, modern décor. Driftwood, when presented beautifully can change the tenor of the entire room.

     Driftwood items have their own aesthetic and takes on different appeals depending on how it is presented. Because driftwood can be sculpted, shaped or built with, just like regular wood, there are many possibilities for turning driftwood into decoration, It can take on a coastal or beach touch most easily; the unfinished look makes it look rustic; the aged look of driftwood makes it perfect for a vintage look. Sometimes it is one new item, to waken an entire room.

      There are many cool creations driftwood can be used for – driftwood tables, lamps, stools and coat racks; picture frames, sculptures, clocks and table décor like coasters. Driftwood can be used to create all sorts of beautiful items, such as mirror or picture frames, lamps, rustic-looking clothes hangers, candleholders, or even excellent centerpieces for weddings and focal pieces for landscaping.  The possibilities are endless.

    What are the design elements in driftwood décor or furniture?

     The irregular shape of driftwood fits the bill for abstract art or décor. The natural appeal of the driftwood pieces brings nature indoors.

      Other than the shape, driftwood is high on the texture quotient. Every piece of driftwood is fashioned by the erosion action of water and sand, the action of bacteria and riverine animals. This imparts a unique textural beauty to each piece. This textural beauty has to be highlighted by the clever use of lighting.

     It is impossible to find out the source of the driftwood, which lends a unique sense of drama and mystery to the driftwood.

    Driftwood’s weathered, warm earth tones can be used with all color palettes, making any room more interesting, warm, and welcoming by adding this textural element. 

     Driftwood is what is left of trees that have been washed out to sea or into the lake, and then back to shore again. It can be found in various stages of decay. And that is why professional help is needed to make sure that the piece survives a long time.

     Limitations of driftwood

    Driftwood is not very strong therefore it needs to be treated professionally to create long lasting furniture and décor. Along with the strength factor, is the issue of irregular shape, which is one of the attractive aspects of driftwood but also makes it difficult to achieve a stable design, especially for tables, console tables. Which is why a professionally prepared driftwood furniture lasts longer .