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Question & Answer

  • This would be for heavy commercial use in my day spa business. Is it strong enough?

    Thank you for shopping at MOdishstore. This item is not certified for commercial usage .  

    Please inform if you need any other help 

  • How tall is the driftwood coat rack?

    Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. 

    The driftwood coa rack is 75 inch high 

  • Will this be ok outdoors to mount my orchids on it?

    Thank you for shopping at modishstore . The coat rack can handle the orchids but it is not made for outdoor . It is real  bleached driftwood so it should be able to handle the outdoor but sadly we have not tested it for outdoors . 

    Please inform if you need any other help

  • I'm thinking of using this beautiful piece as an outside towel rack next to a hot tub. Any comments on it's ability to withstand the elements and stability in the wind?

    Thank  you for shopping at modishstore. Are you meaning outside in the rain?

    This is not suitable for outside . 

  • In the picture, there is a wooden board at the bottom. Is that a part of the coatrack? That wood piece is not looking good at all. Is that a stand for the rack to stand upon? I want to buy but do not want a piece of wood under the lovely stand

    Thank you for your question.
    The wood piece is only the packaging designed to fix the coat stand in the box for shipping on a truck. It has to be removed quite easily. The legs of the coat stand are splayed such that it acts as a very stable base. We are sorry for the confusion. The item will stand on its own legs as a standalone piece. Hope this helped.
    Happy shopping!
    Team Modish

  • Can you please tell me if the surface of the wood is glossy smooth(mirror-like) or grainy?

    Thank you for your question.
     The surface of the wood is grainy like real wood is. This driftwood is a 100 percent authentic and genuine driftwood collected on the coast of Phillipines Islands. Every attempt as been made to keep the wood as true to its original shape and texture as possible. The wood has of course been bleached in an eco-friendly process to lighten the color of the wood, but the wood is not evened out, or shaped in any manner.
    Team Modish

  • How does one take care of this coat stand? Does it need ti be polished often?

    Thank you for your question.
    No special processes are required to clean the coat stand. A simple dusting with a feather duster is enough. Any kind of polish, varnish, oil application has to be strictly avoided as thta will simply destroy the beauty of the wood.
    Happy shopping!
    Team Modish

  • Is this real driftwood or is it some pressed wood shaped to form uneven wood pieces? Where is this made?

    Thank you for your question.
    This is made from driftwood collected from the coast of Phillipines Islands in the Pacific ocean. The driftwood is a 100 percent genuine and authentic and care has been taken to keep it as close to its original shape, texture as possible. You can have full trust on this.
    Happy shopping!
    Team Modish

  • The coat rack is beautiful, but is it delicate and a show piece?

    Thank you for your question.
    The wood is very heavy and sturdy. This is designed to last you years. As driftwood it has already survived the sea, wind and the sun for many years and it is a strong construction too. However the surface of the would should not be exposed to any chemicals, polishes, varnishes, oils, in fact, any kind of liquid. This may affect the lovely color of the wood.
    Happy shopping!
    Team Modish

  • I want to know if I can hang an umbrella or bags and coats on the hat stand. Is it only for decor purpose?

    Thank you for your question.
     Yes, this is a fully functional coat stand and you can hang jackets/ coats over it. It is definitely a lovely decor/furniture accent piece, so keeping it visible only adds to the room. But there is nothing stopping you from using this for hanging dry items upon the projections.
    Happy shopping!
    Team Modish

  • How much does driftwood coat rack weigh? Does it tip over?

    Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. This rack weighs about 25 -35 pounds. However each of these is an individual piece so is slightly different . 

    This coat rack will not tip over if you keep your coat on it . 

    As you can see most of the arms are in the top so helps to not tip it over. 

    Please inform if you need any other help 

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