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    Today’s televisions come with an entourage of electronics.  A new media console is a modern furniture solution that will keep the games, controllers, DVDs, and recording equipment organized while maintaining your room’s style.  Just think what a relief it will be to get all of your home electronics under control. Browse our media consoles to find just the right media storage and organization solution for your home or office.

    Guide to buying a Television Stand, Media Console or TV Shelf

     Buying a TV stand or media center is always a challenge. Normally  we spend a lot of time on choosing the TV and more often than not the TV stand is an afterthought. So we bring you a buying guide for the television stand and media centers. What should you look for when looking out for the best television shelf, television stand, media center, AV centers.

     Measuring the TV and the space

     The first step is to measure the television. TVs and TV stands are measured in different ways. TVs are measured diagonally, while TV stands are measured across the width. So when we have a 60 inch TV it means that a 60 inch TV does not need a 60 inches wide stand. In fact the width  of the television is likely to be about 55-56 inches wide.

    If you want to get a TV stand that perfectly aligns with the edge of your TV, you'll need to measure the width of your TV, not the given screen size. A TV's width will be less than the screen size  but if you need to add the speakers on the side, large borders, or buttons, then the size will not be dependent solely on the diagonal width of the screen. However you also need to factor in other issues like whether you need to keep something else on the television stand when deciding the width of the TV stand.

    You will also need to measure the space you want to put the television in.

    What kind of a viewer are you?

    Your viewing habits and electronics will be really helpful in determining which TV stand will work best for you. For example, if your Television has inbuilt wifi, it can run apps without being connected to any other device and you can opt for a fully closed unit. If you want to stash your cable box in the TV stand and still be able to use the remote with it, you'll need a unit with an open front or IR friendly glass.

     These are the things to keep in mind depending on what kind of a viewer you are:-

    Before making any purchase, here are some important things to consider:

    Here are some key features to look for when buying a media console, TV stand