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Modish Store displays its comprehensive collection of easy seating options  stools and benches. Carefully curated outdoor benches, storage benches, biergarten benches, bar stools, kitchen stools, swivel stools, garden stools, patio stools on of...

Modish Store displays its comprehensive collection of easy seating options  stools and benches. Carefully curated outdoor benches, storage benches, biergarten benches, bar stools, kitchen stools, swivel stools, garden stools, patio stools on offer. 

Stool & Benches Guide

We know you plan your home for the usual, the usual number of people living in the house, the usual guests likely to drop in unannounced. But we know sometimes there is a deluge of guests. So it is always good to plan ahead. Better safe than sorry when a few more guests show up. With a little help from our benches, your guests will never have to fight for a place again. Benches seat more people and you can find a very wide variety of choices in Modish Store. A bench comes in handy in the entry way to sit and wear your shoes.  

For the average family, the need for stools is quite ubiquitous. The kitchen is one of the most frequented place for families and whether it is the kids doing their homework or an extra seat for breakfast or for long leisurly cooking sessions over the weekend. Find a surprising array of stools at Modish Store.  And you can stack most of our stools away or just push them under the table when it’s time to show off your latest dance moves.

Seating has to be able to be moved around, stacked in a corner or used as something else. These stool/side tables can be used as tables, seats, foot rests and more, plus they can be stacked and moved with ease.

It’s hard to get comfy while standing. So pull up a chair, take a load off, kick back or do whatever it is you do! We’ll help you find the stool and ottoman options in our guide to seating.
 So what are the things we should be looking out for when choosing a stool or a bench? You need to consider style, strength and functionality.

Style: . In your living space, comfort is likely your #1 consideration. Style, color and fabric also are key factors, so consider who will be using the furniture — you, your pets, overnight visitors, etc.  Normally we don’t buy stools along with the main furniture, but as and when need arises. If  you want a cohesive look with your décor, then match the color with the existing décor or firniture, the style ( plush vs minimal)  or the material of the stool.  But sometimes an unmatched element can give a much-needed design highlight that can tie many disparate elements together. A quirky stool can give design relief to a dark and formal décor and also provide an additional comfy seating spot. An ecelectic design can make for a stand out highlight.

Strength- Choose stools which are a perfect fit for your intended usage. If you are planning to use it for children or teenager or planning to use the stools very often then strength or durability of the stool is really important. But remember that sometimes it may be necessary to give up style for strength. A beautiful white colored padded stool is certainly not a great idea in a house with pets. Most of the durable stools come in metal or wood.

Usage:- Finally, the most important factor in choosing a stool is the function you want it to perform. Depending on the usage, whether it is for children or adults, whether you need stools with adjustable height, or the stools should be stackable. Stools should be movable around the home as needed. There are many options available for different functions, barstools with backs, lightweight, stackable stools, footrest stools, stools for small pets. If you are looking for a nice bench to add additional seating to your dining table or to create a partition seating between spaces or a easy slide stool which can go under the table when not needed or stools which can be brought out of storage when guests arrive suddenly, you can find plenty of options on this website.

There are many options available in Modish Store to fulfill your exact requirement. Stools of mango wood or driftwood, suarwood or bamboo, industrial type stools, drafting stools with a short back or swivel type kitchen stools, you can find all you want. A padded or upholstered stool or bench is perfect for longer gatherings or post-dinner game time.Bench with storage is a great multi-functional addition to your home.

 Picking out seating for your home shouldn’t be hard. Once you know which space and for what purpose the seating will serve, you just need to pick what suits you best. If it makes you comfortable inside and out, go for it! Odds are, everyone else will love it, too.

Measuring the ideal height of stool/ bench.

When you host a party, the kitchen is where groups gather. Give guests a seat at the kitchen island or countertop with counter- or bar-height stools. We get asked the question what should be the height for table/counter surface and the seating and this is what

There are common established heights for table/counter surface and seating combinations. They are:

  • Table height: 30in (750mm), with a chair at 18in (450mm).
  • Counter height: 36in (900mm), with stools at 24 in (600mm).
  • Standard bar height: 42in (1050mm), stools at 30in (750mm).
  • Extra tall bar height: 48in (1200mm), stools at 36in (900mm).

In all these combinations, the difference in height between seat and table/counter surfaces is 12in (300mm). Whether or not this is ergonomically ideal, most people will be used to these sorts of dimensions, so sticking with them is a safe bet.

How to measure what size of stool you require.

  1. Find a comfortable table & chair combination.
  2. Measure the difference between the chair seat height and the table surface height.
  3. Subtract that value from the counter surface height
  4. Buy stools with roughly that seat height.

The only adjustment that you may need to make is if the counter surface is especially thick; you won't have enough space under their for your legs, and you'll want to lower the seat height to compensate.



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