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Metal Planters, Troughs & Cachepots


    Metal Planters, Troughs & Cachepots

    Dressing your home in greenery is an excellent way to enhance the look and feel of your abode while supporting the environment. And when you invest in branded metal planters, cachepots and rectangular troughs for your gardening and home decoration needs, you get durable gardening companions that will last you for years to come.

    Metal indoor and outdoor planters and planter stands come in many shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, styles and colors, making it easy to choose the ones that best suit your taste, preferences and décor. While floor planters are ideal for homes with plenty of free floor space, hanging indoor planters and wall planters are more suitable when you want to beautify your home or outdoor walls and keep your plants at eye level, safely away from pets.

    All varieties of metal planters work well both, inside as well as outside your home – be it tree planters, vertical metal planters, air planters, tropical planters, window box planters, hanging basket flowers or shade planters. So you can safely place them in your living room, dining space, work-from-home office area, home’s entrance, garden, deck, patio, porch, balcony or the backyard, and create your green space.


    Our collection of indoor and outdoor metal planters is handcrafted with care and finesse, guaranteed to fulfill all your planting needs. Each more likeable than the other, our metal flower planters, decorative pots and wall hangers combine form and functionality, giving you masterpieces from the world’s best brands. Popular shapes of metal cachepots, wall hanging planters and large troughs include round, square, rectangle and oval in geometrical patterns and styles as diverse as Contemporary, Modern, Vintage, Rustic, Transitional, Traditional and more!

    Here are some bestselling metal planters from Modish –

    A&B Home Planter (Set of 2) –This basket weave metal planter from A&B is a perfect choice to create your vertical garden. You can use it to place your favorite plants or flowers and accent your home and the outdoors in more ways than one.

    Cyan Design Taft Planter –Showcasing a bronze finish, it is an elegant metal planter that can hold your fresh garden blooms, either inside the home or outside. The rounded body and distressed detailing are attractive and eye-catching.  

    HomArt Avery Wall Planter, Iron Bucket –This classic European-inspired wall planter from HomArt is shaped like an iron bucket and designed to complement any setting, be it a dull wall or a landscaping project. It is available in small, medium and large sizes.

    A&B Home Reed Ladder Planter – Think vertical garden and this rustic-chic reed ladder planter from A&B comes to mind! It has five spacious storage spaces to display your beautiful ceramic pots, orchid pots, and indoor pot plants.

    Sterling Industries Metal Cart Planter with Handle –This aluminum metal cart planter is good for your backyard, patio or entrance. Use it to flaunt your amazing collection of strawberry and tomato planters, tropical planters or bamboo planters. 

    Don’t wait; shop for metal cachepots, troughs and planters, only at Modish!