E+E Wall Mount By Accent Decor- Wall Mount Trophy Sculpture

Color/Size: Eloise
In Stock: Ships by 12/05 - 12/10/2022.
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Question & Answer

  • Can these be hung outside on a screened-in porch?

    These have not been tested for outside but these are very metal wall scultpure made of metal so I dont think there will be any issue . 

    Please inform if you need any other help

  • What is the return policy? And do We have to pay for the return? Shipping if it is not what we expected?

    Thank you for shopping at Modishstore.  The shipping policy and the return policy is given here . Yes shipping cost to and fro will be deducted. 


    However this is our top selling item and we have not had a single return on this item till date . 


  • How are these secured to the wall?

    There are holes at the back for the nail . 

    Please inform if you need any other help

  • Are these hand made ?

    These items are hand made

  • If I order an item not scheduled to ship until April, am I charged now, or at the time of shipping?

    We charge within 7 days of placing the order as that is all the CC companies allow us . However you can cancel the order anytime you want , ie till 3 days before shipemnt when we send the order for final packing and distribution . 

    Please inform if you need any other help 

    All of these are currently out of stock except Louise which is in stock

  • Are the measurements for Beatrice the Bear in inches or centimeters?

    All the measurements are in inch

  • Why is my order cancelled?

    We cannot ship this item out of US . Especially the 75103 .The smaller items we canship out of US butnot the big ones

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