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Bamboo Lighting

    Dimond Lighting Whoave Pendant

    Dimond Lighting Whoave Pendant


    Bamboo Lighting

    The furniture and décor in your home reflects your personality. Whatever be the factors that appeal to you - functionality, outlay, aesthetics, or practicality, make sure to spend good time combing through the product catalogue and bring home the pieces that add an aura of warmth and comfort to your cherished home.

    Bamboo Lighting

    The lighting in your house is just as important a factor as your furniture or decor. A well-lit room can add character, life, and positivity to your living. Modish specializes in lighting and we’ve tried to take lighting to a new level by adding a dash of eco-friendliness. We have a wide range of lighting options that are made of environment friendly materials and design. The base material can be bamboo, wicker or rattan. We have a wide product selection – you can choose from our assortments of bamboo lighting fixtures, pendant lights, bamboo hanging lights and lamps, wicker lighting pendants, wicker lighting, wicker lighting fixtures, bamboo lamp, bamboo pendant light, bamboo light, bamboo ceiling light, bamboo pendant lamp, basket weave bamboo pendant lamp, bamboo ceiling lamps, bamboo wall lights, bamboo woven pendant light etc.

    Advantages of Bamboo Lighting

    Roshni Woven Bamboo Pendant Lamp – When it comes to gracefulness and sophistication, the Roshni Woven Bamboo Pendant Lights totally fir the bill! Ornately yet delicately interwoven, every strand of bamboo in these bamboo hanging lights come out distinguishably. If you want that one accessory to capture everyone’s attention in the room, then this is undoubtedly it.

    Fishermen Net Pendant Lamps - Looking for something that beats the odds of traditional lighting? Look no further than Fishermen Net Pendant Lamps that will add that extra grace to wherever you place them. Have a space constraint – no problem! These lamps can be hung high from a ceiling or mounted on your walls thus saving space, while yet adorning your interiors. This lamp is one of our bestsellers, that is widely preferred due to its elegant and distinct design.

    Bamboo Jellyfish Lamps - Why go with the usual, boring shapes and designs when you can always experiment for something new with a range of exotic options from Modish. One of the best examples to this effect - the Bamboo Jellyfish Lamps. These exquisite Bamboo fixtures are curlicued to perfection. Two or three of these would bedeck your space to utter couth and elegance. While everyone is going for the traditional ovals and squares, why not experiment with something different yet ensnaring?

    Natural Wicker Hanging Pendant Lamp - Speaking of stylish and sustainable living, meet its epitome in this lighting range. The natural wicker lighting personifies vogue and elegance. As intricate as it looks, it is also very resilient. You can hang these wicker lights at the center of your space or even utilize the corners to hang these intricate pieces. Fill the dearth of emptiness and add these lovely pendant lamps to take up space and make the most out of it.

    Thai Bamboo Intricate Woven Low Cloud Chandeliers – Thai Bamboo Intricate Woven Low Cloud Chandeliers are an eye turner. This is one of those bamboo ceiling lights that stand out and can never go unnoticed. If you hang one or two of these in your drawing room, living room, or even bedroom, you don’t need to club it with any other accessory. Not only for your abode, but also if you are looking for the perfect accessories for your office, restaurant, café, or any place, these are undoubtedly a worthwhile consideration.

    Making the right choice with regard to lighting

    To create the right balance of energy in the room, the choice of lighting becomes highly crucial. To master this art, all you need to do is imagine how you’d like your abode, or workspace to be. If you are looking for undertones and dim setup, opt for yellow lights and smaller lamps. While you are looking for a brighter setup, ceiling lamps can work out well for you. Or if you are looking for aesthetic lighting with less focus on the brightness or dullness, go for subtle and intricate lights. Match your personality with the accessories you need, and you will always end up making the right decision.