Bring Nature Into Your Home With 6 Stunning  Driftwood Pieces

Bring Nature Into Your Home With 6 Stunning Driftwood Pieces

Driftwood décor and furniture are the flavor of season. These beautiful raw and organic wood forms shaped by the river or the ocean are a fine way of bringing nature into your house. Each driftwood piece, weathered by the water, cured by the salt and bleached by the sun, is unique. This is why no two pieces of driftwood crafted décor can ever be the same. We love driftwood for its versatility and for the beauty in its imperfections.

Cobbler Mirror From HomArt

         Sometimes an entire space can be changed by an interesting mirror. Organic sculptural chunks of the mangrove root frame the mirror, providing a coastal flavor to the space.

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Reclaimed Natural Driftwood Cluster Wall Sculpture From Sterling Industries

      Outfit your home with this beautiful Natural Driftwood Cluster folk art centerpiece or wall hanging. Each piece of driftwood was individually collected and  hand selected by local craftsmen for its rustic beauty.

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Reclaimed Teak Wine Rack From Garden Age Supply

      Naturally dark driftwood is a rare find and prized by artisans for both its rich color and unique. This gorgeous, rustic wine rack will add a touch of style to wherever you place it,  while also holding up to 4 wine bottles.

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Reclaimed Driftwood Horse Head On Iron Stand from GO Home

       Decorative figurine handcrafted from driftwood, great for an outdoor installation. Note the beautifully constructed horse, irregular shaped driftwood pieces put together in an artistic manner. This can only be called driftwood art.

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Rectangle Metal Mirror With Flower Details From Kalalou

         Made from reclaimed wood, this rustic fish mirror is coated with a cool color palette with aged texture.

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Driftwood Coffee Table Base From Artisan Living

         These table bases are made from dense, bleached tropical driftwood connected by wooden dowels. Bring the outdoors, indoors with these stunning Driftwood Table Bases.

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   As  you can see driftwood is a most versatile material and has unlimited design possibilities.  It is eco-friendly and reduces our environmental footprint. This is why it is one of the coolest décor trends!

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