12 Stylish and trendy Home Decor Ideas

12 Stylish and trendy Home Decor Ideas

Take your home to the new edge with out-of-the-box decor ideas. Give a bold look, vintage style and a combination of traditional and modern designs to your place with color palettes, lush leaves, and titled mirror. There is a never-ending list of ideas one can have when it comes to home decor, and here we are going to discuss some of the stunning ideas which you should try at once to give a new flash to your space.

1. Go Creative with Framing:

Craft a set of framed prints from your photos, take a snapshot of your kids, your best moments with family, pets, or flowers in your garden. Order your prints, print them at home or buy ready-made frames at your favorite crafts store that comes under your budget.

"Buy frames of different sizes and shapes, and render alternate colors. Do not forget to add floral look with your frame matting;  this will cherish the look of your space."

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2.Add Bold Look in Small Space:

Graphics printed with bold colors can drop a significant impact in small areas such as space under stairs, or powder room. Avoid overwhelming small spaces with complicated designs.

"Floral wallpaper for the corner or small spaces could be the star of your home."

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3. Use Colors in Hallways:

If you are a person who is not interactive with colors, step outside from your comfort zone by using the bold colors likes purple, or red for a hallway. It is unexpected for a person who is not interested much in colors but going with the selection of bold colors will never let you regret.

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4. Bring Outdoors Natural Look In:

One of the easiest things you can add to your home decor is to add fresh flowers

, branches and even leaves from your garden to freshen up your space. And, the best part of adding herbs and plants, it is inexpensive. Growing branches can make great decorative pieces- you can also try spray-painting branches and gather them in glass water vases to elevate their impact.

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5. Play With Ladder:

If you have a ladder which is not of any use, bring out something creative from it. Your leaving room would be the best place where you can add this idea. Color the ladder with different shades, dress up a plain blanket by using pom-poms, creating extra-large tassels and knotting them onto the end.

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6. Swap Out Colors of Throw Pillows:

For immediate gratification, switch colors of throw pillows, this is something that will make your room look beautiful and colorful. Either swap pillows with random colors or synchronized with alternate colors, the choice is yours.

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7. Rearrange Furniture:

Do not settle for the one setup; be creative! Alter the look of your room furniture; a switch can make your home mesmerizing. Don’t worry, you don’t have to move everything, try swapping chair from the leaving room with one you have in the bedroom, use the designer mirror from your bedroom and put it somewhere near the small space, add things with a piece of art from another.

“Small changes can really drop a big impact on your home decor.”

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8. Use Small and Titled Mirrors to Add Lights:

The mirror can also be used to make your space beautiful and feel more substantial. For any room with the limited natural light arrangement, you can place mirrors directly from the windows which will let natural light comes into your room. You can also add some mix-ups of decorative mirrors to fill a space around the window. Decorative mirrors will not only lighten up your space but also give dimension to your place.

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9. Make Use of Wicker Baskets:

Wicker baskets considered to be the most elegant way to design home. Baskets can be used to store and display books, décor magazine, towels, blankets, toy, etc. You can place some small wicker baskets on the counter-tops in your kitchen to beautifully show and store your fruit and vegetables.

“Wicker basket is an economical way to design home sophisticatedly.”

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10. Add Colors to Bookcases:

Painting your bookcases will re-energize your space! It is incredible how simple coat of paint can transform your space. Add some joy to your bookshelves - paint or wallpaper your bookcases; this will turn a dull space into an enthusiastic interior. This is the simplest and inexpensive way you can count on.

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11. What's for Entry Moment:

The welcoming area of the home is always a star, so do not forget to make it more elegant and mesmerizing than before. Change your welcoming part of your home by adding potted plants at both the corner of the gate. You can also place a decorative table or sophisticated supporter and put a bowl of water, add some beautiful natural flowers and colorful pallets to make your home's entry more inviting and prosperous.

"Don’t forget the interior, add a bench, hooks for coats, or even a basket for parcels or mail which will make your home's look more pleasing."

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12. Mix It Up- Mix Up Old and New:

Mixing modern couch with traditional heirlooms is a fantastic trick to add a story to your interior. Your home decoration tells a lot about your persona, style and reflects what you are. The antique table of your grandfather with your stylish and contemporary couch tells the story of your past moment that you spend with your grandfather. Your traditional furniture with modern interior can work beautifully together.

Home decor is an art which cannot be complete without paints, wallpaper, mixing up adventures material, innovative ideas, and DIY projects. Perhaps, a homemaker should know how exactly he wants to style his home. Whether he wants to give a sophisticated look to his interior or a charming, tempting and inviting feel, try painting in the entry walls or even molding for a quick update, it just not only take less time and money, but it can also magnify your room interior.

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