Roost Dean Flowers Blue, Notte, Indigo Chisel and Kelp Vases, Votives, Hurricanes

Roost and Henry Dean, a renowned glassware company in Belgium, have partnered to present this striking recycled glass collection.
  • Recycled, Reclaimed or Repurposed 

    Known for their unique colors and strong simple forms, Dean Flowers' vases are a favorite of florists across Europe. Skilled European artisans use a proprietary formula to color the recycled glass and wooden molds to create the shapes.

    We offer an assortment of useful sizes, ready to fill with anything from simple arrangements to splendid bouquets, to your beach glass collection, to any of your favorite items.

    Notte Vases - The Italian word for night is "notte" and our deep blue vases reflect the color of the sky late in the night, featuring a teardrop shop and wide opening.

    Roost's Kelp Vases - Layers of blue glass as deep as the sea are hand cut into dimensional vertical waves. The substantial weight and beauty of these pieces makes them truly special.


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