We are pleased to introduce the new Modeco Driftwood Collection here (named for Modern + Eco). The collection specializes in bringing natural elements into your home through nature-inspired designs.  Modeco is a perfect blend of rustic and modern. 

The Modeco Driftwood Collection of table and floor lamps moves away from the polished perfection of man-made materials to the beauty and imperfections of natural and recycled materials such as driftwood, mother of pearl, reclaimed wood and metals. Carefully selected shades provide a warm glow, softening exposed surfaces and rustic wall treatments.  Every Modeco Driftwood lamp is unique, reflecting nature’s artful creativity. 

Soften rustic interiors with natural elements, like these lamps from our Modeco Driftwood Collection.

The asymmetric, yet balanced composition of the Denver Table Lamp creates a sculptural effect. Its carefully composed natural materials  will compliment your furnishings and fit with any design style.

The warm, brown cotton shade also provides a textural contrast, enhancing its visual appeal. 16"L x 8"W x 14"H

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Neutral surfaces are made more interesting by the interplay of light and texture.  

The Caitlin Table Lamp, pictured here, is made from the beautiful mother-of-pearl. Its luminescent quality is perfect for adding natural elegance to your bedroom or guest room. 12"L x 12"W x 16.5"H

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More than just a light source, the Wave Table Lamp is a sculptural conversation piece that adds interest to any interior design.

Made out of quality natural bleached forest wood, this unique lamp will look stunning in your entry or study.  31"L x 8"W x 21"H

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Made almost entirely of reclaimed materials, Modeco furnishings and décor are gentle on the Earth.  Artisans hand-craft each item, instilling care and craftsmanship into every design.

Each lamp in the Modeco Driftwood Collection is thoughtfully hand-crafted of natural, recyclable, and sustainable materials. Their design and construction tells a story of surviving the elements, tossed by wind and weather, then found again to be transformed into something new and beautiful.

See more table and floor lamps from the Modeco Driftwood Collection on our website.

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