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As the days begin to get longer and warmer, we take stock of our surroundings.  Accessories and décor start to look cluttered. Winter blankets and sweaters need to be put away. Take heart!  Here are a few ideas that will let you display or store your treasures in a way that is organized and calming.

Desna Honeycomb Holder

Turn clutter into collections

You can organize your home without putting things out of sight. Group similar objects as collections and hang them on the wall.

Look for items that share a similar subject matter, color, or are made of the same elements. This monochrome collection is elegant in its simplicity.


Show your houseplants who's boss

Houseplants closing in on you? Glass terrariums show the beauty of your houseplants while keeping them in a contained area.

Terrariums add life energy into any room, and are a great way to add color and interest to a bookshelf or console table. A terrarium also makes a great centerpiece for your next dinner party.

Copenhagen Terrarium

Amelia Trunks

Storage doesn’t mean hidden away

There's so much more to storage than plastic bins can offer.

These Amelia trunks by Roost can double as end tables, while keeping extra blankets or holiday decorations tucked away.



You'll find more storage products in the Organization section of our website.  And be sure to follow our Organization and Storage board on Pinterest.

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