5 ways to freshen up your outdoor space with container gardening

5 ways to freshen up your outdoor space with container gardening

Gardening in containers is an efficient, cost-effective way to landscape your outdoor space.   Here are some ideas for adding variety and interest to your patio, deck, or yard using container gardening. And be sure to check out the planters in our lawn and garden collection for more outdoor gardening inspiration.

1. Group like colors together

For a greater impact, especially in a small space, keep like colors together.  Vary the textures to add interest.  To add variety, group plants together that have the same flower color but different foliage

2. Use the same plants in a variety of containers
Choose one type of plant or flower as your “theme.”  Then buy them in “pony packs” to plant in a variety of different containers.  The consistency is restful to the eye, while the variety of containers adds an element of surprise.  Changing flowers every year is also less expensive than changing containers.

3. Soften your hardscape
Garden walls and paths are the framework of a well-designed landscape.  These permanent fixtures benefit from softening effect of container plants and flowers.  Containers also let you add variety as you mix and match based on natural elements, like available sunlight. Experiment to give your landscape a new look each season.

4. Grow your own herbs and flowers
Many kitchen herbs thrive in containers.  Plant basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary for a “spaghetti” herb garden.  Small peppers also do well in containers and add a pop of color to your patio or deck.

5. Create an oasis in an urban environment
In a metropolitan neighborhood, the hard surfaces of building and streetscape beg for relief.  Add some nature with a container garden full of soft foliage and blooms.  A few well-chosen containers in each corner soften the straight lines and edges while soothing the mind.

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