The cities are full of people who love animals, would love to fill their homes with animals, but can’t. Why not adopt these really cute animals? Guaranteed to make you smile.



Did you wonder how Harry Potter went through 7 books without cleaning up the droppings of his pet owl, Hedwig? Solemn saucer eyed owls that don't poop? Here they are!



    No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look like the human did it! So what if it is made of sea grass, it still greets you with its melting black eyes as you enter the room!


 You can keep a dog; but it is a cat who keeps people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals.
Marvelous how even a woven grass cat manages to look down at you disdainfully!


When you care enough to buy a mass-produced fake!



And finally the pigs will rule the animal farm! Without the muck and the grunt and constant feeding. Why wait till pigs fly?


  Just take a look at the noble steed, so powerful and yet restrained. If you miss the great outdoors and a horse ride is impossible to plan for, this will take you right there.  Even if the noble horse doesn't twitch a muscle, you will not remain unmoved as you stare into its deep patient eyes.


What was that joke again? This has to be the most expressive moose head ever carved; it has such an irresistible smile. Excellent for practicing all your funny one-liners; guaranteed to remain amused.


A collection of quirky and fun stuff to turn your house into your home! Plenty more  where these came from.




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