11 Incredible Home Decor Ideas For DieHard “Game Of Thrones” Fans!
Awesome Ideas For Converting Your Home Into A “Game Of Thrones” Set!
  1. The Throne  

  • This minimalist, modern (and a little bit environment friendly!) take on the iron throne suits any and all kings and queens of Westeros!
  1. Mead and More Mead!


This modern bar stool looks right at home to the likes of Ser Sandor Clegane, onwards, and with more mead!

  1. The Rusted and Trusty Trunk!


A steel chest to hide your secrets in, padlocked, lock, stock and barrel!

  1. Game Head Mounted on Walls


    Represent House Baratheon, for truly, Ours is The Fury!

    5.      Dim Lights with un-shaded lamps


      Brazen ceiling lamps worthy of any king or queen.

      1. Workman's Lanterns


        Iron lanterns, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

        1. The Sunburst Mirror


        This mirror is perfect for any highborn lady of the court.

        1. The Apothecary Decanter


        This crystal clear decanter will keep all your mead safe.

        1. The Sword Maker!


        Iron workplace tools, forged from the very fire Jamie Lannister’s sword was!

          10. Iron Market Weights



          Keep your documents from flying all around the place with this stylish iron weight.

                     11. Suitably Minimalist!

              This simple, elegant, shelf would look beautiful adorned with George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series on it!


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