7 Brilliant Small Kitchen Ideas

7 Brilliant Small Kitchen Ideas

As everyone living in small city apartments or condos can tell you, small space living offers unique challenges and opportunities. But style knows no boundaries - from design, art, set up to storage and beyond, tiny spaces should not restrict you. When designing a tiny kitchen, you always have the option to apply your own sense of style.  Check out these brilliant ideas for the color scheme, cabinetry, lighting and more to take your smaller-than-average space from claustrophobic to welcoming place. 

1. Go With White:

White is the best partner of small areas, and for claustrophobics, white is a god! White reflects light and enhances the sense of space. Painting white all over the kitchen can give it a spacious look.

Use multiple shades of white and contrast them to create a seamless space without edges and boundaries. A medley of colors simply clutters the visual field so use the paint brush, wall paper, slip covers option to go in for a single palette.
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2. Welcome The Light:

A dark, dim kitchen can make the surrounding depressing. Allow natural light in your space - use sheer or opaque-color curtains to let the natural sunshine in. Consider installing recessed kitchen lighting to make your place bright and highlight the cheery center of your space. A strip of LED lighting concealed along the edges of a tall cabinet can throw indirect light and make a space look more spacious by drawing attention away from a constricted floor.

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3. Stick To Simple:

Don't make your kitchen cluttered with unorganized storage - take a step further and keep counter space clear and simple. Store appliances in the cupboards, add bar chairs or stools and display selected items to make your place look more airy and cheerful. Go in for stackable chairs, bar stools to save space.

Note:- "Arrange everything in organized colors, so everything feels consistent."

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4. Pattern Floor:

Hosting your kitchen with the patterned floor is a brilliant idea. Horizontal lines create the illusion of a wider space means pattern designs can resolve your purpose successfully.  

Outline your floor with tile or wood floorboard parallel to the entrance of the room, the floor with horizontal stripes will give the same widening impact to your small kitchen.

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5. Shine It On:

It is a most common idea here,  but as a mirror can make a room feel bigger, glossy appliances can boost the feeling of brightness. Go for glossy walls, sparkling floors, and glass tiles - this idea would never go out of style and trend.

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6. Play With Optics:

Small changes can drop a big impact in enlarging small space and removing door is one such change you can go for. Removing solid cabinet doors will make you stroll in between the shelves, and expand the visual edge and boundaries.

If you are not comfortable with open shelving, go for glass-front doors as they will drop a parallel effect and give your small kitchen a broader look.

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7. Merge It With Other Vicinity:

If you are still feeling confined with your kitchen, then it is the time to combine it with another area, like dining or a living room. Eliminate any type of door or wall separating the two spaces. Once it is done, coordinate with colors, shape, and style.

Kitchen and dining room can give a beautiful look to the entire home, and for this, a vertical arrangement can be effective.

Apply these easy transformations to your tiny kitchen and turn it to a spacious and wonderful place. You can open up the space to make it livable and accessible, eliminate the doors to enlarge the square footage, add mirrors to the wall to create the illusion of widening space and more. 

Think beyond, go creative and add your own sense of style to your every emotions’ partner your kitchen!

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