The Top 6 Leather Chairs from Artisan Living on ModishStore

The Top 6 Leather Chairs from Artisan Living on ModishStore

Six Of The Best Classy, Comfortable Leather Chairs From Artisan Living

There’s nothing as relaxing as a leather chair. It’s a classy way to make any room warm and welcoming. 

Leather chairs come in several options, with various shapes and styles, and different colors and frameworks. Leather (as a material) usually looks unique and luxurious. Chairs made from leather are resistant to odor, more durable than fabric ones, and last longer when cared for properly. They are also breathable, and do not trap allergens. 

Leather armchairs are always in demand. To help you decide which one is right for you, here are six of the most popular chairs in our store. 

Teak wood and Leather Lounge Chair by Artisan Living

Lounge all you like in this low-slung chair. It comes in a warm caramel color, with leather straps woven onto a golden-brown wood frame and fixed with dark iron rivets. It’s handmade in Bali, Indonesia by expert local craftsmen with natural cowhide leather and teak wood.

It’s comfortably angled, which makes it great to sit in for hours, whether for reading or working on a laptop. 

This leather lounge chair is a great addition to a living room or a bedroom. In fact, you can even place it in an office.

To make sure it lasts long, dust frequently with a soft cloth and avoid water spillage and chemicals. You should also prevent direct sunlight exposure.

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Leather Woven Dining Chairs by Artisan Living

This set of two leather dining chairs in rich caramel color is sure to enliven any dining space. They are made of woven leather and teak wood. Whether it’s strength, beauty, or comfort, this chair, which is handmade in Bali, has it all.

They come with a high mid-back, for proper support. Leather straps are woven onto a golden teak wood frame and secured with dark iron rivets. 

As with all leather products, dust with a soft cloth to keep clean. Do not spill water or any other liquids. As far as possible, prevent exposure to sunlight.

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Leather Sling Butterfly Chair by Artisan Living

This is one of the best selling leather chairs under the Artisan Living brand! The sling leather chair ticks all the boxes for comfort, beauty and style. It has a comfortably-angled curvaceous design, having a single piece of leather slung across an iron frame. It gives the feel of a compact hammock - one that’s slung inside your inside. You can lounge on this for long hours, with a book to read and a drink to sip along.

The leather is made from the finest quality natural cowhide from Bali, Indonesia – it is supple & smooth and secured together with double cordovan stitches. It can support weights up to 200 lbs. The chair is about 20 lbs and can be lifted around easily. The leather will age beautifully over time.

To take care, you can do mild dusting with a soft cloth. Avoid spilling water on it - the material is natural leather and can deteriorate with long exposure to dampness and moisture. Ideally, the chair should not be put in direct sunlight - you can select a shaded part of your living room or patio.  The chair’s rich feel will transform any corner of home into a cool relaxing area.

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Leather Sling Sturdy Lounge Chair by Artisan Living

This unique design combines the comfort of a hammock with the sturdiness of a wooden structure. It’s a single piece of leather slung across a strong wooden frame. It’s available in rich caramel, natural ochre, and deep black.

This leather reclining chair is hand-stitched in Bali from locally harvested teak and natural cow leather. It’s durable and weather resistance, and over time the leather will age wonderfully. Be it a bedroom, living room, or office - it will fit right in.

Remember to clean it with a soft cloth, and avoid exposure to water, chemicals or sun. You’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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Woven leather & Teak bench by Artisan Living

Well, the last one is not really a leather chair, but a leather bench! It’s made from handwoven caramel colored leather straps, that's wrapped around a strong 4 ft 7 inch teak wood frame to create a multi-purpose bench.

The bench is versatile and lightweight - you can move it around easily and place it wherever needed.  It can be used both at home and office - be it the living room, bedroom, entryway/foyer, or dining room as additional seating.  The leather is Balinese cow hide, and available in two colors - caramel & ochre. You can expect it to patinate beautifully over time. The bench can support a weight up to 300 lbs. It’s own weight is about 25 lbs and can be lifted easily.

To take care, dust frequently with a soft cloth.  Try your best not to spill any water - natural leather (like all organic material) can deteriorate with moisture exposure. Strictly avoid all chemicals, even the ones that are advertised as being designed for leather. Chemicals usually eat into natural leather. And don’t put the bench in the path of direct sunlight.

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Leather chairs are beautiful and majestic. Be it sling or woven in design, a well crafted  leather chair can last you decades while, accentuating the aesthetics of your home.

While the aforementioned list helps you choose the best, Modish Store has an extensive catalog of products that would suit and elevate even the blandest of homes and surroundings.

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