5 Great Ideas for Urban Gardens

5 Great Ideas for Urban Gardens

No matter how small, no matter how simple, a garden or terrace is the ultimate city luxury.


A little greenery can go a long way when it comes to sprucing up your home in a urban environment. Not only do plants clean the air, boost your mood, smell wonderful, and brighten your space, but they are key to crafting a home in a big city.

Even a small terrace or roof top space can transform into a lush rooftop garden with the help of plants, a few comfortable lounge chairs and a bistro chair and table set. We recommend the Roost Ellipse Chair and the LumiSource Izzy Lounge Chair + Ottoman Set for lightweight, all weather seating solutions.

LumiSource Izzy Lounge Chair + Ottoman Set


Patio Garden in shared apartment complexes can become a wonderful place to meet and strike up new friendships.

Patio Garden

For apartments or houses lucky enough to have a courtyard, gardening possibilities are endless. From tall bamboos to tiny succulents, you can use a layered arrangement to dress up the space. Why not go in for vertical gardens? Here is an example of a lovely courtyard garden.

Enjoy the outdoors with a sturdy teakwood sofa set with washable pillows. You can mix and match the different components as you need.


Here is another tiny terrace garden with some really luxurious seating.

Here are the amazing chairs seen above.

Any open space can become an intimate retreat when you add a wall of planters and trellises to enclose the space. So go out and transform your urban space into an oasis.

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