Bamboo Lamps vs Wooden Lamps: Which Is Really Better For You?
The jury is no longer out. Bamboo, Wicker and Palm Leaf lighting is truly better for you as compared to wood or wood and fabric lamp-shades. Here's why.
1. It smokes without fire - Bamboo or wicker is not as inflammable as wood because it does not have the resins that make wood catch fire readily. Wood lamps are a big fire-risk. So even if you forgetfully left it on for a few days while on an out-of-town trip,chances are it wouldn't burn your home to ground, while wood may.
2. Bamboo is bendy and makes a lot of intricate shapes- This is important if you love interesting shapes and are eager to go beyond the elementary school shape-recognition chart. Helix is a shape too!
Bamboo spiral lamp

3. Won't burn a hole in your pocket- Bamboo and other grass lighting is way cheaper than wood because it takes much lesser time to grow as compared to wood. You can pick up stunning and long lasting lamps at a fraction of cost of wood lamps. 

Bamboo chandelier sustainable lighting

4 Yummy rustic chic- If you love handmade rustic things, bamboo is the way to go.Bamboo lamps can only be handwoven and you can find literally millions of rustic chic designs based on the community which weaves them. You can put down your money knowing that some artisan somewhere got benefited.

5. You're a Certified Responsible Buyer - Bamboo is a grass which grows 3 feet a day and matures quickly. Switching to bamboo, saves forests and is enormously eco-friendly.
Bamboo lamps
6. Bamboo is a strong grass- it wont splinter like wood. You have about 80% less chance of breaking, cracking or chipping a bamboo product than any wood product.

We recommend bamboo and wicker lighting. It is stylish, fun, contemporary, affordable and sustainable. 

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