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Those are just some of the emotions Buddhism inspires. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that a host of people would want their interiors to reflect these values. In a world filled with constant ups and downs, Buddhist aesthetics and meditation offer a way to stay grounded and calm, without the clutter.

Here are ten ways to transform areas of your home or office into a peaceful sanctuary, inspired by a Buddhist lifestyle. With the most inspiring Buddha statues, Buddha gifts, Buddha chairs, Buddha heads, busts, lucky charms, paintings, and more, it's time to raise your spiritual quotient.

Top Buddha & Buddhism inspired products on Modish

Buddha Chair- Hand Shaped - Suar Wood

Buddha Chair- Hand Shaped - Suar Wood

Artisan Living

Flowing lines and curves mark this Buddha accent chair made from suar wood, also known as South American Walnut. This minimal, open-palmed chair will add a meditative stillness to any corner of your living room, dining room, or even your garden. Don't worry. Each one is lent a unique look courtesy of the criss-cross nature of the grains.

Price: $310.00

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Vagabond Vintage Cement Buddha Head Planter - Set Of 2

Vagabond Vintage

A set of two vintage Buddha head planters, suitable not just for plants but also candles. They’re durable, serene, and will make any corner of your house or patio blossom with peace. Made from hard-wearing cement, they will age as gracefully as you.

Price: $28.00

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Garden Age Supply Buddha Head Garden Lanterns

Garden Age Supply

This hand-made Buddha head lantern will make your garden, porch, or patio glow with happiness. It’s crafted with eco-friendly volcanic ash and comes in Old Gold and Burning Green colors. Whichever one you choose, the serene rays will create a zone of harmony.

Price: $113.00

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Garden Age Supply Suarwood Hand Shaped Bowl - Set Of 2

Garden Age Supply

A striking set of two hand-shaped bowls lovingly crafted from suar wood. They’ll elevate any side-table or corner stand, at home, or your place of work. Each set is different, as it is made from vintage organic material with its own distinctive characteristics.

Price: $100.00

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Safavieh Golden Buddha Table Lamp


Two modern Buddha table lamps that will uplift any corner of any room. These chic sources of illumination have sculpted dark gold resin bases on museum mounting stands, with black shades for an ambient glow. Their glow will be a source of peace for years. All you need to do is to wipe with a soft dry cloth to keep them looking new.

Price: $212.00

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Moe's Home Collection Stone Finish Sitting Buddha

Moe's Home Collection

This sitting Buddha statue will transform any part of your home into a restful and tranquil haven. It’s made from lightweight polyresin and finished to give it an antique, sandstone look. The size will make it a perfect addition to a table or even the floor.

Price: $129.00

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Zuo Buddha Head Red

Zuo Modern

This Buddha head sculpture takes an age-old motif and gives it a contemporary relevance with a modern, high-gloss finish. The ceramic material and red hue will make it a striking addition to a bookshelf or nook in your home or office.

Price: $213.40

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HomArt Ceramic Buddha Head - Small - Shiny White - Set Of 8


Counters, shelves, and corners will radiate calmness with the addition of these small white Buddha heads. The figurines come in a set of eight, so you can place each one with perfect harmony. These beautiful symbols of stillness are crafted from glossy ceramic.

Price: $80.00

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Surya Buddha Buddha


These glossy Buddha busts make for the perfect accessory to lift up any home décor arrangement. They come in vibrant light gray, cobalt, rust, lemon, and teal to match any color palette. This is where faultless artistry meets impeccable style.

Price: $48.00

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Hand Shaped Buddha Chair- Golden

Artisan Living

These Buddha chairs, resembling a hand raised in blessing, are just what gardens, patios, and porches need for that comforting touch of serenity. Crafted from suar wood, they are durable, water-resistant, and polished to a golden brown hue. Sit here, and you’ll be relaxed and refreshed in no time.

Price: $1,350.00

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