Leather Furniture and Decor

At Modish, we have a curated collection of leather furniture and decor products for your modern home. Our special focus on sustainability and environment has led to a large range of refurbished, reclaimed & recycled products that are stylish and chic. The Modish catalogue consists of high quality, exquisite, hand-crafted or artisan made items sourced from different countries in rustic, industrial, farmhouse and vintage styles. We sell reputed brands like Kalalou, Modway, HomArt, Zuo, GoHome, Vagabond, Gold Leaf, Zodax etc, besides our inhouse brand Artisan Living.


Any discussion about furniture these days is incomplete without a mention of the long-lasting and highly durable leather furniture pieces that are widely available in online or traditional retail stores. Gone are the days when furniture made of leather met the fancy of only a select few. Thanks to its varying styles, looks and finishes now easily available online, leather furniture has become a popular choice across homes and office spaces.

Timeless and sophisticated, leather furniture comes in a diverse range of options so be assured of having many choices to play around with while planning your home décor and picking out furniture pieces to complement your space. From leather chairs, leather tables and leather sofas to leather bar stools, leather sofa beds, leather office chair and leather ottoman, you can find the perfect leather furniture item for almost any part of your home – the dining area, your living room and bedroom, the bar and even your home office.

While leather is a well-liked natural upholstery material, it is also used to manufacture a variety of other products such as footwear, bags, clothing and accessories.

The ModishStore is your reliable source for superior, chic and long-lasting leather furniture. We make furniture shopping easy and fun by offering you a large collection of designer leather furniture from some of the best décor and furniture brands in the world. These include Modway, Manhattan Comfort, Edloe Finch, and Fine Mod Imports.

What makes our collection of leather furniture a huge hit is a versatility our products offer in terms of shape, style, size, color, finish and design. There is something for every need, ensuring that you never run out of choices when you shop for leather furniture at the ModishStore.

Just think about your preferred look and start narrowing down options, till you find the perfect leather furniture items that appeal to your senses. Leather Sofas, Sectionals and Sofa Sets, Padron Style Woven Leather Lounge and Arm Chairs, Leather Arm Chairs and Office Chairs, Leather Stools and Benches to Leather and Synthetic Leather Dining Chairs, Leather Lounge Chairs, Leather Chairs and Recliners – we have all your home décor and leather furniture shopping needs covered with just a few clicks!

The ModishStore offers one of the largest collections of leather furniture products, anywhere on the web. Our leather furniture stands out for their clean lines and modern designs available in a wide range of styles such as classic, contemporary, modern, rustic, traditional, transitional and vintage.

Are you looking for a leather swivel chair for your bar area or kitchen island? Maybe you want a leather recliner or a leather loveseat to do up your favorite living room corner and enjoy some unadulterated me-time? Perhaps you have been putting off buying a comfy leather armchair or a leather reclining sofa for the media room or that gorgeous leather sectional couch for your living room? Whatever your aspirations, you can count on the ModishStore’s extensive Leather Furniture Collection to deliver the most eclectic leather furniture that matches your preferences.

Take, for example, our best-selling Modloft Christie Lounge Chair that showcases luxurious dual tones and top grain leather. The swivel functionality turns this lovely leather lounge chair into a relaxing haven that will beckon you to put your feet up and let your hair down after a long and tiring day.

If you’re on the lookout for a cozy and comfortable 2-piece Sectional Sofa with a right facing chaise, the Baxton Studio Rabbie Sectional Sofa is guaranteed to be your best buy. Available in black and dark grey, this charming piece will make hanging out with your guests, ultra-fun. Then there’s the Moe's Home Collection Darlington Sofa with top grain leather and distressed finish. A definitive family sofa, it showcases a rustic style and a heartwarming design, making it a great addition to the media room or the family room.

For your bar area, we highly recommend the award-winning Modloft Sloane Bar Stool or Counter Stool that looks stunning with its smooth grain reclaimed leather-wrapped seat with laser cut-outs. We saved the best for last. You’ll simply adore the Leather Sling Butterfly Chair by Artisan Living, a curvaceous single piece leather beauty that doubles up as a relaxing hammock and a comfy sling chair with a non-fussy masculine feel. The intricate stitching details and the minimalist design are classy and unforgettable.

Other top-selling leather furniture at the ModishStore includes the Vig Furniture Modrest Modern Black Eco-Leather Bar Stool, the elegant Padron Marlboro Leather & Teak Bench, and the award-winning Langham Leather Dining Chair, among others.

What is leather furniture?

Leather furniture refers to the different kinds of furniture items made using leather – a material that is acquired from the hide of animals such as cattle and sheep. Since leather is a versatile and durable material, popular leather furniture pieces such as leather sling chairs and leather weave chairs, leather couch, leather sofa and leather sectional sofas, leather sling ottoman and woven leather lounge chair, etc. can last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. In fact, in many households, leather furniture is passed down from generation to generation, the weathered look making them treasured heirlooms. Classic yet modern, minimalist yet luxurious, leather furniture can add an element of warmth and cosy comfort to your home, complementing your décor and taking it up a notch.

What are the different types or quality of leather?

There are a number of factors that determine the look, feel and quality of leather. Knowing them will help you to pick the right leather furniture for your office and living spaces.

Let’s take a look at the main types of leather -

Full-Grain Leather: Known as the best quality, most authentic leather, full-grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide. With no corrections done to it, full-grain leather retains and showcases the hide’s most natural texture and characteristics. It is durable and with time, it acquires a patina that is much liked.

Top-Grain Leather: Acquired from the top layer of the hide, top-grain leather is second only to full-grain leather. This kind of leather goes through a process of buffing, sanding and dyeing to remove markings and give it a more even color. While softer and more flexible than full-grain leather, top-grain leather matches it in terms of strength and longevity.

Corrected-Grain or Split-Grain Leather: Split-grain leather comes from the portion of the hide that is left after its top layer has been removed. This kind of leather has a tough texture and is free from natural flaws and imperfections due to the sanding process.

Bonded Leather: This variety of leather is created using scraps of leather which are blended and bonded together using adhesives to create one smooth piece. Considered lowest in quality and also the cheapest, bonded leather may be given a more superior look by using spray paints.

At ModishStore, you can find some of the most exclusive leather furniture for your home, office, restaurant or store. Shop now!

What are the common terms associated with leather?

When you hear someone talk leather, you’ll probably also hear a lot of complex terms that make little sense. Let’s shed some light on a few of them -

Aniline: Aniline leather refers to leather that looks the most natural with its natural markings and wrinkles, etc. This is because the original features, characteristics and texture are carefully preserved using translucent dyes without any corrections or use of pigments.

Semi-Aniline: The semi-aniline leather comes across as one with a more even look due to the use of pigments that cover up the natural blemishes on the hide. This kind of leather does not fade easily and holds on to its color.

Pigmented: With the use of pigments, the leather is corrected and treated to give it an even color and uniformity.

Patina: Over time, with usage and the absorption of body oils, leather develops a natural patina that adds richness to the leather, a favorite of leather enthusiasts. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause the leather to fade and alter its look – a point to keep in mind when you’re deciding where to place your leather furniture.

What are the benefits of using leather furniture?

Leather furniture offers the following benefits to buyers:

Longevity: Unlike fabric sofas that start to look old and worn out, leather furniture lasts much longer and turns even more desirable and attractive with time.

Ages beautifully: You’ll find your favorite leather recliner or leather sofa becoming softer and cushier as it ages without sagging or losing its inherent strength.

Children and pet friendly: Leather does not retain allergens, animal shedding and dust mites like fabric do – an important consideration if you have young children and pets in your home. Moreover, maintaining leather furniture is easier than fabric furniture.

Suitable all-year round: Leather is a breathable material that will adjust to your body temperature, ensuring that you’re cool in the summers and warm in the cold, winter months.

Classy and chic, premium-quality leather furniture items offer unparalleled comfort while creating an air of unforgettable charm and sophistication. Head over to the ModishStore and shop for your favorite leather furniture today!

What is the difference between semi aniline dyed leather and fully aniline dyed leather?

The main difference between the two is that while Semi Aniline dyed leather is treated with a thin protective layer of dye to curb the appearance of stains and give it a consistent color, Fully Aniline dyed leather is not, ensuring that it maintains its most natural look and feel.

What lasts longer – leather furniture or fabric furniture?

Leather is a far more durable material compared to fabric. Leather furniture is resistant to sagging and can last you for decades without losing its original look or shape. What’s more, leather furniture requires much less care and maintenance and can be cleaned much more easily than fabric furniture.

So if you are looking for a long-lasting investment, opt for leather furniture. You’ll love the huge variety of premier leather furniture that’s available at the ModishStore, so shop now!

Are you wondering how to choose the right leather furniture for your home? A lot depends on your lifestyle and the look you’d like to give your space.

Let’s take a look at some important factors to keep in mind while buying leather furniture –

The great thing about leather furniture is that there’s one to match every taste, style and requirement. Whether you’re in the mood for a modern, minimalist and sophisticated look for your corporate office or a more airy and laidback feel for your cozy apartment, leather furniture at the Modish Store will oblige.

Presenting the most vivid and attractive range of high-quality leather furniture from reputed brands like Modway, Edloe Finch, Manhattan Comfort and Baxton Studio, etc., our products will enhance the look, feel and comfort of your home and office.

Take, for example, our graceful Woven Leather & Teak Padron low slung armchair which is perfect for some laidback lounging. Place it at your reading nook, the living room or even your bedroom for some unhindered relaxation. You’ll also love the modern and stylish Moe's Home Collection Stamford Coffee Table in distressed leather which can also double up as an ottoman.

High-quality leather furniture offers longevity and is an investment of a lifetime. Superior leather furniture made using full-grain, semi-aniline and aniline leather only get better with time; hence, it is a worthy investment that you and your family can make memories over for years to come. So before you make a purchase, think about your current and long-term lifestyle as well as your usage over the next 5-10 years.

Some important things to consider include –

  • Which part of the home or office would you like to place the leather furniture?
  • Does this space receive a lot of direct sunlight?
  • Would you like to invest in individual pieces such as leather recliner chairs or do you prefer a large leather sectional couch to cover a bigger area and accommodate more people?

Since leather furniture can be cleaned and maintained more easily than fabric furniture, it makes a smart choice for families with children and pets. Spills and stains won’t hurt your leather beauties as much as they stain fabric. If you’re looking for furniture that resists dirt and dust, leather furniture, once again ranks higher than fabric or synthetic materials.

Even though good quality leather furniture is naturally long-lasting, still, caring for your leather is highly recommended, to keep it looking and feeling great.

The good news is leather is easier to clean than most other materials which means that there won’t be much scrubbing involved which can cause wear and tear. Going chemical-free and opting for a damp cloth is usually all that you need to clean leather furniture.

However, if you would like to cream, oil or condition your leather at home, you will want to take into consideration the quality of your leather and seek the advice of a leather care expert to know which products are the safest to use.

  • Dusting: Leather does not hold on to dust as much as the fabric does so you can use a dry cloth for dusting your leather furniture weekly or as often as you feel the need.
  • Spills: No matter how careful you are liquids may spill over your favorite leather couch. Gently wipe and blot the spills as soon as possible. You can also use a lightly damp cloth to clean the spill and let your couch air dry.
  • Heat and Sunlight: Direct exposure to sunlight can cause your dyed leather furniture to fade so keep it away from strong rays of the sun. Also, keeping your furniture too close to the fireplace can cause the leather to dry out.
  • Leather Cream and Conditioning: To keep your leather furniture feeling soft and reduce cracking, you can use a good-quality moisturizing leather cream, once a month.
  • Leather Cleaner: If you are planning to use leather cleaners to clean your leather furniture, ensure that you first test them on a small area that is not directly visible.