Modloft – stylish & modern platform beds, chairs, stools, tables

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What is the ethos of the Modloft brand? On what core philosophy is the brand based?

The Modloft brand is passionate about bringing beautiful and intentional things into peoples’ lives and in turn, making their lives more beautiful and intentional. Designed by its team of talented designers from across the globe and created in-house, from start to finish, Modloft products are fairly priced so that more and more people can experience the wonders of elite-level design and turn their home into a modern haven.

The brand’s core philosophy is to offer its customers one-of-a-kind furniture items that stand out for their innovative designs, high functionality, sleek lines and exceptional finishes. They make sophisticated, luxurious and beautiful urban furniture easily available and accessible to furniture enthusiasts without costing a fortune.

Where is Modloft based out of? Where are its products sourced from?

Modloft is based out of North Miami, Florida with showrooms in both, Miami and Los Angeles. All Modloft products are designed, manufactured and installed in-house by its select team of designers and artisans. Currently, their products are sold in more than 1000 retail and online locations nationwide.

Which are the main product segments for Modloft?

Modloft offers a full range of stylish and contemporary furniture for the Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room and the Home Office. The main product segments for Modloft include Modloft Beds, Modloft Sofas, Modloft Dining Chairs, Modloft Dining Tables, Modloft Dressers and Modloft Counter and Bar Stools.

Visit the Modish Store’s Modloft collection for the most attractive Modloft Furniture products.

What is Modloft Black? How does it reflect Modloft’s design philosophy?

Modloft Black (MB) is Modloft’s award-winning collection that features awe-inspiring premium designs from acclaimed designers such as Marcelo Ligieri, Vanessa Martins and Pietro Barollo, etc. Under this collection, you will find an impressive range of Bar Stools, Benches, Coffee Tables, Consoles, Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Game Tables, Lounge Chairs, Media Storage, Decor, Mirrors, Mattresses, Office and more.

Each product in this collection showcases ultra-modern and luxurious design sensibilities coupled with premium materials and finishes, as well as meticulous execution that is just right for the discerning customer. Choices in materials include Eco Leather, Fabric, Glass, Lacquer, Metal, Natural Leather, Natural Wood Veneer, Reclaimed Leather, Solid Wood, Steel and Stone, etc.

What Modloft products does Modish sell? Can you list some of its top selling products, along with key design and functional elements?

Modish offers a large variety of sophisticated and modern Modloft furniture products including Modloft beds, Modloft dining table, Modloft dining chairs, Modloft coffee table, Modloft dresser, Modloft ping pong table and Modloft sofa, etc.

Here are some of Modloft’s top-selling products you can find at the Modish Store –

Modloft Worth Cal King Bed – Bring home the Japanese-inspired Modloft Worth Cal King Feng Shui Bed and prepare to sleep comfortably like a baby! The ventilation-friendly solid pine platform inspires healthier sleep while the symmetrical nightstands attached to the low profile hardwood frame offer exceptional convenience.

You can also check out Modloft Worth King Bed and Modloft Worth King Bed II.

Modloft Delancey Counter Stool – If you’ve been looking for an ergonomically designed and aesthetically-balanced counter stool for your dining space that is both, functional and fabulous, the Modloft Delancey Counter Stool is what you need. Available in four color choices, it comes with premium ecopelle leather seats and a chromed steel frame with footrest crossbar.

Modloft Amsterdam Bench – This urban-style cement and fiberglass concrete top bench from Modloft is sturdy yet lightweight, just right for your living spaces. Its clean lines, muted tones and laid-back appeal make it an uber-cool addition to your home.

Modloft Langham Dining Chair Fabric – The Modloft Langham Dining Chair is a special-edition contemporary masterpiece that features modern curves and a fibreglass bucket seat construction in fabric woven upholstery that is superbly comfortable. The chair comes in a choice of exotic Brazilian dark teak or painted steel legs so take your pick.

Modloft Chelsea King Bed – Exceptionally good looking, the Chelsea King Bed is all about sophistication, skillful craftsmanship and design details. The ecopelle upholstered headboard, solid pine platform with air ventilation and rounded polished steel base add to its desirability.

Modloft Messina Adjustable Barstool – This minimalistic beauty exudes an air of subtle sophistication that is hard to miss. The stainless steel frame is exceptionally sturdy while the reclaimed leather seating is sleek and attractive. Adjusting the height is easy, thanks to its German-made hydraulics.

Some other Modloft best-sellers include Modloft Laced Dining Chair and Modloft Jane King Bed, among others.

Modloft is well known for its platform beds. Can you share the different types of beds Modloft makes?

Modloft makes a variety of beautiful, comfortable and luxurious upholstered platform beds for your home. The choice in sizes includes King Beds, Queen Beds, Twin Beds and Full Beds.

Some bestselling Modloft platform beds are – Modloft Amsterdam Queen Bed, Modloft Jane King Bed, Modloft Prince Cal King Bed, and Modloft Thompson Twin Bed, etc.

Who are some of the key designers behind Modloft’s Designs? What are they best known for?

The key designers behind Modloft’s Designs are Pietro Barollo, Bruno Faucz, Marcelo Ligieri, Jose Margulis, Vanessa Martins, Stefano Sandona, and Ronald Sasson.

Modloft Designers are best known for their sense of style, creativity, dedication to high-quality and refined designs that go beyond cultural barriers.

What is the Modloft Mid-Century collection? Can you share the main trends and products in this collection?

Modloft’s Mid-Century collection features durable, contemporary and minimalist best-selling designs that showcase sophisticated charm, unparalleled comfort and strong construction. In this collection, you will find media cabinets, consoles, benches, ottoman, dining chairs and dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, armless corner sofas, 3-seat sofas, lounge chairs, armchairs, etc.

Some must-haves from Modloft’s Mid-century Collection are – the Haru Coffee Table and Haru Bench, Perry Armless Corner Sofa, Eldridge Media Cabinet, Charlton Bench, Sidney Lounge Chair, Grand Dining Table, Wooster Dining Arm Chair, Beekman Bookcase, and many more.

Congratulations on your decision to buy Modloft Platform Beds. Modloft beds are highly sought-after bedroom essentials known to be sturdy, comfortable and ergonomic beauties that can accentuate your bedroom space and give you restful sleep, night after night.

Since Modloft Platform Beds are available in multiple designs, colors, styles and finishes, you can count on finding the perfect one for your home. Here are some factors you can keep in mind while shopping for the ideal Modloft Platform Bed/s for your home –


Platform Beds are Lower in Height –
Platform beds are closer to the ground so they’ll make your bedroom look spacious. They also do not have a headboard or a footboard, giving your room an expansive feel which is great, especially if you have a small bedroom.


Platform Bed Comes in Many Sizes, Styles, Colors and Materials –
Modloft beds are available in King, Queen, Twin (Single) and Full (Double) bed sizes. Depending on the size of your room and your mattress size, you can choose one that best suits your requirements.

A twin bed is ideal for your home’s guest room or your child’s bedroom while the double bed in just right for a small bedroom and is large enough to be shared by two people or just one person. A queen bed is roomier than a double bed and offers sufficient space for two adults while the king bed is the widest of the lot.


Some popular Modloft Bed styles
include contemporary, modern and traditional platform beds. These beds are available in stunning colors such as White, Walnut, Natural, Grey and Black.

There are plenty of choices in materials too. These include Fabric, Foam, and Leather, Steel, Veneer, Wood, Oak and more.


Platform Beds can give your Room a Whole New Look –
Given the versatility and variety in Modloft Platform bed designs, you can count on finding the one that feels like it was made exclusively for your bedroom.

If you want your premium Modloft bed to become the center of attention and stand out in your room, you can go for designs like the Modloft Ludlow King Bed and Modloft Ludlow Queen Bed with taller headboards.

For a more lived-in look, Modloft Monroe King Bed and Modloft Worth King Bed II are ideal options.

The sheer variety in Modloft modern platform beds, chairs, stools and tables will put a smile on your face!


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