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At Modish, we have a curated collection of Side Tables, End Tables, Accent Tables, Coffee Tables, Console Tables & Nightstands for your modern home. The Modish catalogue consists of high quality, exquisite, elegantly designed Sofas across a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs. We sell reputed brands like Kalalou, Modloft, Uttermost, Garden Age Supply, Sterling Industries, Strata Furniture, Texture Designideas, Zodax, Jeffan, Safavieh, Artisan Living etc.

Top Collections In Side Tables, End Tables, Accent Tables, Coffee Tables, Console Tables & Nightstands

When buying furniture for your home, don’t forget to shop for the humble table! Tables come in varied shapes, sizes, materials and styles, and they serve multiple purposes around the home. From bedside tables, coffee tables and console tables to outside side tables, sofa tables and couch tables, the choices available are unlimited. Highly functional and useful, tables enable us to organize spaces while also making our lives easier. Imagine if there was no sofa table, where would you put your bowl of snacks and tea/coffee mug as you binge-watched your favorite sitcoms? Without a lamp table, wouldn’t it be hard to brighten your reading nook as you caught up on your reading?

All of us need good-quality tables in our home, office and commercial spaces, and luckily, the options are unlimited when it comes to finding the best modern coffee table or small side table for your home! Another great thing about living room end tables and console tables is the excellence with which they add personality to our living spaces. A beautifully designed hallway table or glass coffee table can up your home’s style quotient and become a centerpiece that is great to look at and convenient to use. Are you ready to select the right kind of table for your family room, bedroom, kid’s room, hallway and outdoors?


At Modish, we feature an exhaustive collection of high-quality branded occasional tables, farmhouse coffee tables, nesting tables as well as console table with storage. Prepare to be spoilt for choices! What’s great about our range of foyer tables, mid-century modern coffee tables and farmhouse coffee tables is that each design is good to look at and high on performance. So you count on investing in home furniture pieces that offer exceptional value for money.


We know how important it is to have access to the finest collection of tables online at one place so you can compare your options and select the best and most appropriate designs for your home. It’s why we’ve put together the most eye-catching and functional tables that will work well in the different areas of your home.

Our vast collection of tables includes End Tables, Side Tables, Strata Furniture End Tables, Haussmann End Tables, Garden Age Supply End Tables, Occasional Tables, Accent Tables, Console Tables, Coffee Tables and Nightstands. Whether you’re searching for a rustic coffee table for the living room or a pretty bedside table, the ModishStore has you covered.

Here are some of our top-selling tables, shortlisted for your convenience –

Strata Furniture Mango Ball in Oak: If you’re looking for a unique and good-looking end table, the Mango Ball from Strata Furniture is a great pick! Carved from a single piece of mango wood, this sustainable and eco-friendly table is shaped like a ball and catches the eye, thanks to its good looks.

Modway Lippa 36” Coffee Table in White: There’s so much to love about the Lippa Table such as its seamless organic shape and timeless form. Lovely addition to your living room, this table exudes a sense of quiet sophistication and is large enough to hold your magazines, snack bowls and fresh flowers.

Uttermost Marnie Accent Table: If you’re looking for a handcrafted mixed wood accent table for your home, look no further than the Uttermost Marnie Accent Table. Sporting a geometric base and natural ivory limestone top, this one is for keeps!

Strata Furniture Triple Twist End Table: Classy and artistic, the Triple Twist End Table is an attention grabber and versatile enough to be added to any décor. The Monkey Pod Wood and the light and dark variations give it a stunning look.

Uttermost Lark Coffee Table: From the house of Uttermost, we bring you this minimalist yet stylish round coffee table. The Lark has a beautiful mango wood veneer overlay that goes well with its aged and textured walnut finish. Get yours today!

Garden Age Supply Teak Slab Table, Set of 3: If you are looking for a set of tables for use around the home, the Teak Slab Tables from Garden Age Supply are an excellent choice.

Garden Age Supply Suarwood Hand Shaped Table:This attractive and uniquely-designed, hand-shaped end table is pleasing and pleasurable to have around the home. The finishing on the suarwood is so realistic that you can’t help marvel at the fine craftsmanship and attention to minute details.

Haussmann Big Eye 15”– Dark Walnut: If you’ve always wanted to own a signature furniture item that’s unique to your home, you will love the Big Eye. Made from sustainable Monkey Pod Wood, no two pieces are alike, and each piece has a rich history.

Modway Render End Table Nightstand: Serving multiple purposes at once, the Modway Render End Table Nightstand is a charming, mid-century modern style accent table that will look great in your living room or by your bedside.

Garden Age Supply Teak Small Garden Bench: This beautiful wooden small garden bench has a likeable transitional style. It showcases the natural beauty of teak wood.

Kalalou Recycled Wooden Deep Console With Saw Horse Base: Do you crave versatility in their home furniture? Check out this Deep Console with Saw Horse Base from Kalalou. It is made from recycled wood and can serve multiple purposes around the hallway, living room or the foyer.

Now that you know the list of popular tables at the ModishStore select the ones that best serve your needs and place your order now!



Finding a good-quality entryway table, occasional table or square coffee table for your home or office isn’t difficult. Since tables serve multiple purposes like offering a convenient space for keeping essentials within easy reach to enhancing the aesthetics of your interiors and outdoors, assessing your needs is a good starting point. For example, you may want to buy coffee table sets for your commercial space or a small side table to place next to your living room settee or bedside. A beautiful accent table can look lovely as the focal point of your living room, and a sturdy console table or sofa table can be just the thing you need to enhance the look of a monotonous space by the wall.

What are the main brands of Side Tables, End Tables, Accent Tables, Coffee Tables, Console Table, etc., that Modish sells? How do these brands compare on design, quality and price?

At the ModishStore, we sell a diverse range of tables from leading furniture brands.

Our bestselling brands for side tables, end tables, accent tables, coffee tables and console tables include Kalalou, Modloft, Uttermost, Garden Age Supply, Sterling Industries, Strata Furniture, Texture Designideas, Zodax, Jeffan, Safavieh, and Moe, etc.

Kalalou’s creatively designed accent tables, recycled wood display tables and nesting tables are a beautiful amalgamation of design aesthetics and functional ease. They offer a rustic and vintage look and are priced with care, so don’t worry about stretching your budget.

Modloft offers high-quality and well-designed modern outdoor coffee tables, nesting coffee tables, side tables, minimalist consoles, nightstands and centre occasional tables. If you want to transform your favorite spaces and enhance their appeal, Modloft tables are perfect for you! Material choices include oak wood, stainless steel, cultured marble, metal and tempered glass, etc.

Uttermost’s exhaustive collection of bedroom console tables, attractive end tables and functional nesting tables will maximize your spaces and simplify your life. Whatever your home’s vibe, count on finding a console table with drawers to serve your needs.

Garden Age Supply’s coffee tables, end tables and console tables are a class apart. These handmade tables bring alive the storytelling of Habini teak root, driftwood teak and suarwood.

Sterling Industries has a nice collection of accent tables that flaunt an updated traditional look without being expensive. Materials used include fiberglass, glass, metal, steel, marble, wood and veneer, etc.

Strata Furniture’send tables, stools and accent tables celebrate the endless beauty of eco-friendly natural wood and stand out for their eye-catching shapes, design elements and superior craftsmanship. Popular styles include rustic, traditional and transitional.

Texture Designideas offers beautifully conceptualized side tables, round tables and coffee tables for the patio in teakwood and suarwood, etc.

Accent tables by Zodax and Moeand end tables with drawers by Jeffan and Safavieh are excellent additions when you want to invest in good-quality tables and home furniture.

From a functional perspective, how are Side Tables, End Tables, Accent Tables, Coffee Tables, Console Tables & Nightstands different from each other? How can I decide which is the right one for my need?

Side Tables are versatile and functional must-haves that can be used in almost any part of your home and can instantly enhance the decor. In general, we place side tables on the side of other furniture pieces such as the couch or sofa, chair or the bedside. These tables provide sufficient space for your cups, snacks, books as well as décor items.

End Tables are similar to side tables but generally smaller in size. Placed towards the end of another piece of furniture, say a sofa or couch, end tables easily fit in compact spaces and lend another layer of detailing to a room in addition to storage space.

Accent Tables are ideal if you want to invest in a signature piece that accentuates the décor and theme of your space with its good looks, tasteful style and eye-catching design elements.

Coffee Tables serve as excellent center pieces for your living room or family room and are usually low in height. From holding coffee mugs and snacks during evening chit-chats with friends to bringing the family together for a game of chess or TV watching, oval coffee tables acrylic coffee tables and coffee tables with storage have many uses.

Console Tables are versatile, handy and narrow tables usually kept against a wall. Depending on your storage needs, you can place useful items such as books, timepieces, napkin holders and lamps as well as decorative pieces to give the space a distinctive look.

Nightstands, as the name suggests, are tables or stands offering storage space, right next to your bed. The drawers, as well as the top surface, offer plenty of room for your reading glasses, book, a jug of water, alarm clock and even a table lamp.

To decide which table is right for you, think about the purpose of buying the table, the space available in your home, your storage needs and the look you’re hoping to achieve.

What’s the difference between a side table and an end table?

The main difference between a side table and an end table is their surface area. End tables easily fit smaller spaces due to their compact design. Side tables, on the other hand, are larger and have a more defined design theme.

I want to buy a console table and decorate it in a stylish way? Do you have any suggestions?

Wherever your console table or mirrored console table is placed, in the hallway, along a blank wall or near your home’s entrance, you can decorate it in many creative and eye-catching ways.

However, make sure that when you are hanging a planter, it has adequate support to remain suspended. You can install large hooks to help support the house planters. Hanging plants have a tendency to dry out faster. Make sure to water them regularly and also keep them fertilized.

  • Mix and match a combination of essential items and decorative curio and place them on the surface of the console table to make a compelling display without making it too cluttered.
  • Choose from your favorite books, baskets and boxes, sculptures, lamps, candle stands, flower vases, clocks and beautiful figurines.
  • Get creative. Play with different colors, textures, materials, shapes and height variations.
  • Hang a beautiful artwork or place a colorful rug to tie the look together.
What are the main materials for making side, end or coffee tables? What are the pros & cons of each material type?

The main materials used to build side tables, end tables or coffee tables are Wood, Metal, Rattan, Wicker, Glass Top, Suarwood and Stone.

Wood is the most popular choice of material as it goes well with all kinds of styles. However, make sure to use coasters to protect your wooden end table with storage or rustic wood coffee table from water rings.

Metal is another common choice in modern end tables that comes with metal accents or metal bases with a glass top in different looks and finishes.

Wicker and Rattan are specially used for building decorative end tables with a boho feel.

Glass Top is a versatile and elegant choice of material for tables that requires regular cleaning to avoid water markings, etc.

Suarwood is a strong wood used to make durable end tables. It comes in varying finishes.

Stone tops lend a traditional feel to a side table and require sufficient upkeep, based on the nature of the stone used.

What are the different design styles in which end, coffee, side tables, etc., are available?

The different design styles in which end tables, side tables and coffee tables are available includes –

Modern style: An underlying hint of modernism with neutral colors

Contemporary style: Sporting the most popular and trendy design elements

Industrial: Sturdy construction with the use of concrete, steel and wood

Farmhouse or Cottage: Homely feel with painted finishes and warm designs

Mid-century: Minimalist design elements from the 50s and 60s with clean lines and curves

Transitional: A mix of traditional and contemporary elements

In what shapes are end, side or coffee tables available? What size and height dimensions should I consider when buying them?

The most common shapes in which tables are available are C-shaped End Tables, End Tables with Storage/Drawers, Nesting End Tables, Round End Tables, Z-shaped End Tables and Twisted End Tables.

A good end table can be about two inches shorter or taller than the arm of the couch next to it. Ideally, the width should be such that you have enough space to keep your choice of items and depth to match the adjoining sofa’s depth.

When are accent tables usually used? How can I mix and match accent tables to my furniture setup?

Accent tables are great additions to your living room since they add a distinctive style and personality to your spaces. It’s like tying the whole look together with a signature piece to make heads turn.

No matter what your current furniture setup, you can enhance the look using accent tables made from different materials. The common materials that work well together include

  • Different varieties of engineered wood and hardwood (natural) such as mango, teak and oak wood
  • Metals like brass and bronze
  • Wicker, rattan and bamboo

Buying Guides for Side Tables, End Tables, Accent Tables, Coffee Tables, Console Tables & Nightstands

Considering that numerous choices in tables and seating accompaniments are available online, how do you decide which side table, end table or coffee table to buy for your home?

HEIGHT: To create good visual impact and for ease of use, a side table should ideally reach up to the arm of the couch or chair next to it. And if you’re getting a sofa table, it should be as tall as the back of the sofa it is kept behind.

Depending on where you would like to put your side table, select a table size that will fit well in the space available and have sufficient space for the items you’d place on it.

To choose the right table shape, think about where you’ll be placing it and how much space you need. Usually, round end tables are great for breaking the monotony, especially if you have a lot of rectangular pieces in your living room.

Consider the type of furniture you currently have in your home. What kind of fabrics, colors and design elements are prominent? Now you have the choice to match the style to maintain continuity or select a completely fresh style of the coffee table or accent table to create a contrasting look.

While side tables look great kept on either side of a sofa or couch, end tables are a good pick if space is a constraint or when you want to fill a tight space between a sofa and a wall.

Before you select a table for your living room, think about how you’d like to use it? If you need additional storage space, look for a good-quality coffee table with drawers or console table with storage space.

Now that you know how to choose the right table for your home, we invite you to browse through our exhaustive collection. Happy shopping!

Are you wondering how to care for your tables and maintain their good looks for years to come?

  • Clean your side or end table with a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Avoid chemicals. Next, dry the surfaces with a dry cloth.
  • Wipe off spills from your coffee table immediately.
  • Place glasses and mugs with liquids on coasters to avoid water rings.
  • Do not keep sharp objects or items with rough edges directly on the surface of your side table.
  • Polish your wooden coffee tables as per need to tackle scratches and maintain its shine.
  • Dust the surface of your accent tables, consoles and nightstands regularly or at least once or twice a week with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Use a good-quality tray to organize items before placing them directly on your nightstand.