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At Modish, we have a curated collection of sofas, sectionals, sofa sets, loveseats, recliners, armchairs, chaises, couches, divans for your modern home. The Modish catalogue consists of high quality, exquisite, elegantly designed Sofas across a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs. We sell reputed brands like Modway, Modloft, Edloe Finch, Safavieh, URBN Torvi, Baxton, Zuo Modern etc.

If there’s one area of the home that’s always abuzz with spirited conversations and relaxed family bonding, it is the living room. Whether you’re relaxing on your own, catching up on reading or entertaining guests, you need good-quality and versatile sofas, sectionals, loveseats, chaises, recliners and armchairs, supportive of your varying moods and desires.

At the ModishStore, we offer an exhaustive collection of living room furniture to enhance your spaces, elevate your seating décor and make your living room functional and fabulous. Depending on your preferences and family’s needs, you can pick a combination of 5-piece sectional sofas or leather sectionals, teak wood sofas, patio sofa sets, recliner chair couch and outdoor sofas and loveseats. Fill your home with thoughtfully crafted furniture you will love to own for years to come.

When it comes to finding the right furniture for your living room or drawing room, the ModishStore will never disappoint. No matter how large or small your living room maybe, you can count on finding a full range of beautifully designed furniture pieces to fill your home with elegance and sophistication. Our modular sofa sets, leather couch recliners, upholstered sectional sofas and settees, vintage loveseats, chaise lounges, couch beds and armchairs are a class apart. Brought to you from some of the most reputed and best-selling brands globally, we offer choices to satiate all your décor dreams!

Check out our most sought after collections of Modway Sofas, Modloft Sofas, Baxton Studio Sofas, Sectional Sofa Sets, including Fabric Sectionals and Leather Sectionals, Chairs and Armchairs, Recliners and Loveseats.

Have you been thinking about giving your living room a stylish seating makeover with furniture that is distinctive in style, character and aesthetics? You’ve come to the right place! At Modish, we bring you the best living room seating essentials, anywhere on the web. So whether you’ve been thinking about bringing home armless sectional sofas, faux leather loveseats, chaise sofa or an upholstered settee, you will find plenty of options that match your preferences in color, design, shape, size, material and budget.

Take, for example, our best-selling Modway Commix Down Filled Overstuffed 4 Piece Sectional Sofa Set that stands out for its solid wood constriction, soft upholstered polyester and linen fabric, and comfy down cushions offering a luxurious sink-in feel.

For a minimal look, consider investing in the Modloft Spruce Sectional Two Seat Sofa in Chalk Fabric. Its solid eucalyptus internal construction, upholstered basketweave fabric and fade resistance make this beauty a great buy.

For those who love to bring nature indoors, the A&B Home Green Fern 2 Seater Sofa is a dream-come-true! Showcasing elegant curves, natural wood legs and vibrant color, this one is a must-have if you want to add a deluxe, signature piece to your living or bedroom.

Looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, perhaps made from recycled wood and supportive of our environment? Then the Napa East Industrial Farm Sofa is just right for you. It is a creative and unique farmhouse, an industrial-style sofa made from hand-worked steel and retired rough sawn barn wood.

Another exquisite choice for your living room is the Baxton Studio Bianca Mid-Century Modern Walnut Wood Light Grey Fabric Tufted 3-Seater Sofa. The angular solid wood frame, upholstered grey polyester fabric and mid-century modern design make it a perfect addition to any modern or minimal interior.

URBN Torvi Three-Seater Sofa with a midcentury button-tufted design is a lovely combination of clean lines, superior craftsmanship and Scandinavian style. The solid pine legs and linen tweed or microsuede upholstery options add to its appeal.

Think about the look you’re going for, short list the options that fascinate you the most and place your order.

Do you want to decorate your home or living room with furniture that offers maximum seating without cluttering, overfilling or overwhelming your space? You’re in luck. Given the huge options in living room furniture such as U shaped sectional sofas, futon couch, settee loveseats, sofa cum beds, 8-piece sectional sofas, striking a balance between form and functionality is easy. Consider how much space you have available, the style you are going for and how you would like to arrange the furniture pieces. Start by focusing on your main furniture like the sofa or sofa set, couch or sectional. Once you know where you will be placing them, think about adding a loveseat, a chaise, settee, an armchair, a recliner or even a divan for added elegance. The idea is to maximize the space and seating without jeopardizing movement and breathability.


What are the main brands of sofas, sectionals, chaise, loveseats, couches & settees that Modish sells? How do these brands compare on aesthetics, design, price and comfort?

Modish brings you a vast selection of stunning and versatile designs in sofas, sectionals, chaises, loveseats, couches and settees. From wicker patio sofas loveseats and down sectional sofas to overstuffed sectional sofas and semi-circle shaped sectional sofas, the alternatives are limitless!

Our bestselling brands for seating décor include Modway, Modloft, Edloe Finch, Safavieh, URBN Torvi, Baxton Studio and Zuo Modern.

Modway’s stylish contemporary lounging pieces are an ideal pick for modern farmhouse and contemporary décors. Its leather and fabric upholstered, button-tufted loveseats, sofas, patio chaise, couches and sectionals are elegant, classy and offer excellent comfort, offering great value for money.

Modloft’s sophisticated, innovative designs in sofas, chaise and sectionals will strike a chord with anyone who wants to give their home a contemporary and urban feel with meticulously crafted seating options.

Edloe Finch stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship, sophisticated designs and plush cushioning in sofas and recliners. Its top-grain leather creations are the epitome of elegance and modernity.

Safavieh’s modern and contemporary settees, recliners and foldable sofas are a stunning combination of form and function with clean lines, exceptional durability and immense style.

URBN Torvi’s mid-century modern upholstered fabric sofas and love seats are a mix of casual and classy and will make a great center-piece in any urban living room.

Baxton Studio’s traditional French-inspired designs and upholstered loveseats, modern sectional sofas, mid-century 3-seater sofas and contemporary sofa sets offer a refined look and comfortable feel.

Zuo Modern’s armless antique leatherette loveseats, armchairs and fabric and foam sofas with a brushed stainless steel frame have a cosmopolitan feel and can instantly transform the look of your space.

From a functional design perspective, how are sofas, sectionals, chaises, loveseats, settees, loungers, couches, divans different from each other? How can I decide which is the right one for my need?

Sofas refer to an upholstered seat with a back, arms and cushions, large enough to seat three or four individuals. These living room essentials come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and styles. Choices include rattan sofas, chesterfield sofas, down-filled sofas, teakwood sofas and many more.

Sectionals are trendy multi-piece sofas that include three to five pieces with or without arms which can be placed together in different layouts. They give the look of one large connected sofa. A sectional sofa generally has a sofa, loveseat, recliner, chaise lounge, sofa bed and backrest. Options include reclining sectionals, 7-piece sectional sofas, wicker rattan sectional sofas and J-shaped sectional sofas, etc. Sectional sofas can fill up a corner space nicely or take centre stage in a large living room area.

Chaises are contemporary armless sofas that have backrest towards one end or no backrest at all. Chaise sofas are great for lounging with your feet up and can be placed anywhere in the home, the living room, bedroom or even the patio.

Loveseats are typically smaller sofas which can seat two adults comfortably. They are a good choice as an add-on to a large room or a focal piece in a smaller room.

Settees are smaller, more compact versions of upholstered sofas with higher backrests and seating space sufficient for two adults. They are generally ideal for small living rooms, entryways or the foyer.

Couches are upholstered sofas with arms, backrest and cushions. They offer comfy seating for two to three people.

Loungers are comfy outdoor chairs, great for relaxing.

Divans are similar to couches. They usually have no backrest and offer storage space. Divans can be placed against a wall or at one side of the room.

What are the different sizes & shapes for sofa sets and sectionals? When should you choose a sectional over a sofa set?

Sofa sets come in multiple sizes which include 3-seater sofa sets, 5-seater sofa sets and 7-seater sofa sets. Popular Sectional sofa shapes include L-shaped sectional sofas, J-shaped sectional sofas, U-shaped sectional sofas and semi-circle shaped sectional sofas.

Keep in mind the space available in your living room and your family’s needs to pick the best-sized sofa set for your home. You can choose a sectional over a sofa set when you want to give your spaces a trendy and modern look while maximizing the seating area in your living room. Sectional sofas are especially good for homes with large families or if you have large get-togethers at home quite often.

What are the various design styles that sofa sets are available in?

The popular design styles of sofa sets include –

Chesterfield: Chesterfield style sofas generally have a leather finish and an almost regal look. They have deep tufted buttons, back and arms of matching height and known for their comfort.

Cabriole: Cabriole style sofas are French-inspired. Reminiscent of the 1700s, they have a grand appeal and catch the eye with their beautiful curves, striking silhouettes and charming exposed legs.

Camelback: Ideal for a stately setting, camelback style sofas are typically recognized for their arch back, elegant lines and rolled or square arms.

Midcentury: Midcentury style sofas popularize the concept of less is more. These minimalist and modern sofas have exposed legs and are quite versatile for styling your spaces.

Tuxedo: Tuxedo style sofas are similar to the Chesterfield-style with deep-tufted buttons. They generally include cushions and have a more angular shape.

English Roll Arm: This is a versatile sofa style with a tight back, rolled arms, exposed legs and soft cushioning for ultimate comfort. It works well with classic and contemporary looks.

Chaise Lounger: Known for their elegance, dramatic look and relaxing vibes, chaise loungers work well in almost any setting.

Sectionals: Sectional sofa styles are quite popular for their versatility. They usually have a modern and contemporary feel with several units.

Modular: The modular style is known for its modern look and liked for its versatility.

Sofa Bed: Sofa beds or sleeper sofas can have a modern, classic or transitional style. They are versatile sofas which can be extended to create extra sleeping space.

What are the main fabric materials for sofas, sectionals, loungers, loveseats etc? Can you list pros & cons of each material type?

The main fabric materials for sofas, sectionals, loungers and loveseats include leather, fabric, velvet, jute, down-filled, sunbrella, leatherette, polyester/synthetic fibre and natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk.

Leather: Leather is a popular choice as it is quite durable and works well in most settings, even if you have young children or pets at home. It is also relatively easier to clean. Just remember to shield your leather furniture from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Fabric: Fabric is a versatile choice that offers a huge variety of colors, prints, and designs. However, fabric collects dust and may stain easily, so keep that in mind if you have small children or pets.

Down-filled: Down-filled or feather-filled sofas are ultra-soft and offer exceptional comfort. However, they require maintenance.

Velvet: Velvet is a durable material with a beautiful sheen and a strong appeal. Though velvet is easy to maintain, it requires quick attention in case of stains or spillage.

Jute: Jute is an environmentally-friendly fabric choice that’s available in many colors and looks. To remove dust from your jute sofa, you may require a vacuum cleaner.

Sunbrella for Outdoors: Sunbrella patio sofas loveseats come in a variety of textures and are quite durable. Dirt collected on a Sunbrella fabric can be cleaned using a brush. To avoid stains, spills must be wiped off immediately.

Polyester/Synthetic Fiber: If you want a sofa fabric material that is fashionable, does not fade easily and is resistant to wrinkles, polyester is a good choice. It is also easy to clean; another plus for homes with kids.

Natural Fibers: Cotton does not fade easily, while linen has a high appeal. However, both fabrics wrinkle easily. Linen may not work in homes with children as it can get stained. Silk is an exquisite material that does not work in all settings and requires professional cleaning.

What are the main types of sofa cushions and fillings that come with the sofa sets Modish sells?

The main types of sofa cushions and fillings available with sofa sets at Modish include Foam, Fiber, Polyester, Feather, and Batting. Foam is the most popular choice that includes options such as low-density, high-density and memory foam. Polyester is another sought-after option that is easy on the pocket. For those who seek exceptional sink-in comfort, feather or down-filled cushions are an excellent choice. Batting is made from cotton, polyester or wool and generally used in combination with foam.

What is a daybed? What purpose does it serve? Does Modish sell daybeds?

A daybed is a combination of a bed and sofa, generally available in the size of a twin bed and is excellent for day-time lounging. Unlike a bed’s headboard, a daybed’s headboard extends along its full length on one side. Daybeds are versatile and placed anywhere – your living room, guest room, child’s room or even the backyard.

Yes, Modish sells a variety of daybeds designs from reputed brands. Some of these include the Modway Convene Outdoor Patio Daybed, Zuo Albany Daybed and the Modway Summon Canopy Outdoor Patio Daybed, among others.

What are “overstuffed” sofas?

As the name suggests, overstuffed sofas have armrests and backs filled or overstuffed with filing or upholstery. These comfy sofas have a fully covered frame usually with exposed feet.

What are the common structural materials used in making sofa frames (its body)? What are the pros & cons of each from a strength & durability standpoint?

Hardwood (natural wood), engineered wood, rattan, bamboo, wicker, rattan and metal are the common structural materials used in sofa frames.

Hardwood is the most durable option when it comes to making a strong sofa frame. Engineered wood is not as durable as hardwood, but it is lighter on the price. Natural wicker and rattan sofa frames are exceptionally durable and look great. Sofa frames made from bamboo are good for everyday use and don’t get damaged easily. Metal frames are known for their strength, and several types of sofas come with metal legs for added durability

We all know that the choices in living room seating furniture are limitless, so how do you decide which option is right for you? Wondering whether to bring home a sofa or a sectional?

Here are some important factors to consider –

While sofas offer sufficient seating space for three adults, a sectional might be a smarter choice if you want atleast five or more seats available along with greater versatility in the layout.

For larger families, sectionals are a great buy as they make it easy for the whole family to sit and spend time together. However, if you are looking for a more formal setup and anticipate entertaining guests quite often, a sofa with an armrest may be a good option.

Do you prefer a formal or a casual look? While sectionals are trendy, sofas can add immense sophistication to your spaces. Since both sofas and sectionals are available in many designs and styles, you can pick the one that goes best with your décor aspirations.

Keep in mind the space available before selecting your main furniture and the secondary furniture pieces for your living room. For smaller rooms, sofa and sofa sets work well. And for a larger space, a multi-piece sectional can work wonders. Pair them with a divan, loveseat, chaise, recliner or a couch to maximize the appeal of your living room! A loveseat is another wonderful option to create a focal point in a small space. If you are looking for a modern look or if your living room is small, an L-shaped Sectional Sofa can fill out a corner nicely while offering enough seating for the family.
You can also consider investing in leather sofa sets or teak wood sofas and a faux leather loveseat or go in for bamboo sofa sets wicker patio sofas loveseats, reclining sofas and loveseat sleepers.

Shopping for living room furniture is one of the most fun experiences you’ll have at the ModishStore. There is no dearth of possibilities, so take your time and have fun planning your seating décor!

If you want your living room seating to last long and maintain its good looks, you must devote some time on its regular maintenance.

  • Regular dusting with a soft cloth and vacuuming will ensure your sofas and sectionals continue to look beautiful and do not accumulate dust.

  • Move and change the position of the cushions at least once or twice in a month.

  • To avoid staining your upholstery, clean any spillage as soon as it occurs.

  • Before using a cleaning agent, do check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. A water-based cleaning agent is generally a safer choice.

  • When unsure, it is better to hire a professional service to clean your couch.

  • To avoid fading, do not keep your teak patio sofas loveseats, chaise, sectional couch and divans in direct sunlight.