7 Stylish Makeover Ideas for Bookshelves

7 Stylish Makeover Ideas for Bookshelves

Books stamp the personality of the home-owner all over the room. What would you think if you found dog-eared fairytales and school year-books lovingly lined on the bookshelf? And what would you know about a stranger if you saw travel books along the wall? Designers use books to personalize an impersonal office. Books are not neutral decor features. Like the written word, they carry a lot of meaning. Today, we want to help you appreciate simple ways in which you can use bookshelves to make your room interesting.

1. Organize A Colorful Twist:

Bookshelves make a natural focus in a room, so why not take advantage of colors?  Do a colorful makeover of your bookshelf with bold and subtle paints.

Painting the back of  bookshelves creates a fresh, energetic look that will instantly wake up a room - and your entire space.
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2. Two-Toned Color:

There is no rule that you can only use one color for your bookshelf. Painting built-ins offer something for everyone - add contrast that compliments other colors in the room to add interest to your space and make it a center of attraction.

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3. Mix & Match Accessories:

Books belong on shelves, but if they are looking too casual and boring, redecorate it with few accessories and lights/candles.  Some book lovers who want a sophisticated look can add neutral tones to their shelves.

Use art, vases, initial letters, and other touches that can give the shelf an artistic look.

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4. Keep It Classic:

Bookshelves don't have to be overly decorated, you can go with the simple combination of colors and books. Just because you want to redecorate your shelves does not mean you have to ornate it with things.

Paint the bookshelf with white and pale yellow colors, arrange book accordingly. If you want to do something more - add glass to cover the shelves.

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5. Floating Shelves:

Want to go creative? Install a slim wall shelf on a blank wall and add a bunch of few books. This idea will not only style your room but will reflect your creativity.

Install a shelf that matches your room's set up like brown wood shelves against the white painted room.

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6. Go Big And Bold:

Small decorations on a bookshelf will only gather dust and look like a cluttered nook. Choose bigger, and bolder accessories that will stand out the corner in the space. Arrange substantial pottery and large art books, install whatever strikes you fascinating and add giant flowering for a dramatic display.

Designing the ideal bookshelf is a combination of art and science - you don't have to only beautify its look but also see how it should function. Be your own decorator! Streamline shelves with glass, floral look, contrast and beyond to give a quick refresh and magnify your space.

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7. Give It An Easy Access

If you have a reading corner in your bedroom, settle your books collection by arranging rows of the shelves. This will add both color and makeup to space and make it more beautiful than before.

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