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At Modish, we have a curated collection of dining tables and dining sets for your modern home. The Modish catalogue consists of high quality, exquisite, elegantly designed dining furniture pieces across a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs. We sell reputed brands like Modway, Lumisource, Flash, Artisan Living, Kalalou, Uttermost, Garden Age, HomArt, GoHome, Vagabond, Gold Leaf, Zodax etc.


What are the main brands of dining tables that Modish sells? How do these brands compare on aesthetics, design, price, comfort & durability?

The ModishStore has an enviable array of dining table sets that stand out for their exquisite designs and styles. Whether you are looking for classic designs, or want to spruce up the decor of your house with a modern industrial dining table, the Modish Store has something in store for everyone. Our bestselling brands for dining room table and chairs include Modway, Lumisource, Flash, and Garden Age Supply.

If you love classic dining table sets, check out the offerings by Modway that are perfect for contemporary decor. The dining tables are high-quality, durable, innovatively designed, and stand out for their elegance. You get the option to choose from a vibrant selection of colors and styles that offer complete value for money.

If you are looking for stylish pieces with an affordable price tag, we highly recommend checking out the dining room sets by Lumisource. You will find a huge selection of mid-century, industrial, and modern designs made out of wood and metal that are weather resistant and are suited for all types of budget.

If you are keen on high-end dining tables but don’t want to spend an astronomical amount, be sure to check the elegant designs from Modloft that combine wood, glass, and matted metallics beautifully.

For contemporary glass dining tables, Flash is a terrific choice that can instantly elevate the look of your room. These tables can withstand extreme weather conditions and are also pocket-friendly.

If you have a quirky sense of style, Live edge furniture & dining tables from Garden Age Supply won’t disappoint. These tables are handcrafted out of reclaimed wood and roots. These tables are very low on care and maintenance and are much more affordable than antique furniture.

What design style can I buy dining sets in? Any tips on how to go about choosing the right style for me?

When it comes to picking dining table sets, you are truly spoiled for choice. There are a number of different styles available in the market, which includes:

Mid-century modern: These tables have a sleek silhouette and tapered legs. They are usually made out of wood and lend a timeless appeal to your living space. This style is perfect for urban homes with smaller dining spaces.

Classical: If you love ornate detailing and carvings, pick a classical style dining table made out of dark solid wood. These tables fit very well in large dining spaces.

Farmhouse: If you have a rustic style and want the dining table to add a cozy vibe, a farmhouse dining table is an ideal pick. These tables are created out of solid wood and are extremely durable. These dining tables can add a slice of an old country farmhouse in your urban high-rise apartment.

Industrial: if you like crude styles, industrial style dining table sets built out of wood and metal are a superb pick. They are durable and go well with contemporary kitchens and dining spaces.

Scandanavian: If minimalism is your calling, sleek Scandinavian style dining tables are an excellent pick. These tables are very comfortable and stylish. The soft Scandinavian color palette also helps you add a cozy vibe to your dining room effortlessly.

In order to pick the right style of a dining table, take into account your personal style, available space, and the shape of the table for your needs.

What seating sizes are available for dining sets?

The most popular seating sizes available for dining room table sets are two-seaters, four-seaters, six seaters, and eight seaters. The seating capacity also depends on the shape of the table (rectangular, oval, round, or square) to a great extent.

If you are a family of two, opt for a two-seater dining table. You can even opt for a dining table with a bench to provide more seating options. If you have 3-6 members in your family, opt for a 4-6 seater dining table. For very large families, 8 seaters with extra benches work well.

What table top materials and finishes are available for dining tables? Can you suggest the pros & cons of each?

Popular table top materials include wood, MDF, glass, marble, artificial marble, and reclaimed teak wood.

  • Wooden table tops are preferred for their grain finish. They are also durable and sustainable. However, wooden table tops need care and maintenance to maintain luster. You can opt for varnish or oil-based poly finishes that enhance the durability of a wooden table top.
  • MDF table tops are cheaper compared to wooden table tops. MDF has a very smooth surface and is ideal if you want to add details on your table. However, MDF has a tendency to soak up water and may not be the ideal choice if you are living in damp areas.
  • Glass table tops are durable and go well with any style of decor. A round glass dining table can instantly lighten up a room and make a wonderful visual impact. However, these table tops are not very easy to clean.
  • Marble table tops are affordable and durable. It is also a timeless choice as it never goes out of style. Be prepared to remain invested in care and maintenance to maintain the polish of marble. Marble also has a tendency to scratch very easily.
  • Reclaimed teak wood has tighter grains that give it a very beautiful finish. It is also weather-resistant and very easy to maintain. However, it is more expensive compared to MDF and glass top.
What table-base shapes are available for dining tables? How do these differ from each other?

Modish sells dining table sets in the following base shapes:

Pedestal: Pedestal tables are a popular choice as they offer a lot of room for movement. They are easy to move around compared to a four-legged table.

Straight: These bases are perfect for dining tables meant for everyday use and go well with sleeker frames. Go for a straight base if you prefer simplicity.

Angled: Angled bases are a fabulous choice if you want to showcase a sleek and modern dining table, especially in an open space.

Tulip shaped: A stem-like tapered pedestal base is the ideal choice for supporting a marble table top.

Trestle: These bases are the ideal solution if you want to place a dining table in a multi-functional space. The trestles allow you to dismantle and put together the table without much effort.

Twisted: Pick a twisted base if you want the dining table to stand out as a centerpiece. It works well with modern and contemporary designs.

Splayed legs: Opt for splayed legs if you want to strike a suitable match between modernity and traditional designs. Quirky bar table sets with splayed legs are definitely a great conversation starter at your party.

Driftwood base: These bases represent the perfect blend of art and nature. If you want your dining table to stand out in the crowd, opt for a driftwood base with a glass top.

What table-top shapes are available while buying dining tables or dining sets? Any factors to consider while buying a particular shape?

Modish sells tables with the following table-top shapes:

Rectangular: This is the most popular shape that is preferred for its versatility and functionality.

Square: Square dining table is a superb pick for compact spaces and helps to create an intimate atmosphere.

Round: A round dining table set is the ideal option if you are looking for understated elegance and do not have much space in your dining area.

Oval: These are a good choice for narrow dining spaces. They offer a larger surface area compared to rectangular dining tables.

Always pick a shape based on your needs and the space available.

Does Modish sell dining sets with benches? What are the advantages (or disadvantages) of having a bench instead of chairs in a dining set?

Yes, ModishStore has a wide variety of dining tables with benches. Benches can help you to increase the seating capacity easily without adding clutter. They can also double up as storage spaces. Having said that, benches do not come with any additional back support. So sitting on a bench for a longer duration may be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you suffer from backaches.

I’m planning to buy a dining set for my home. What types of chairs are available with dining sets?

If you are buying a dining table set, these are the chair types that you can choose from:

Upholstered chairs: This is the most comfortable option for dining table chairs as you get a cushioned bottom and back. You can match it with your dining table or opt for a contrasting tone. Based on your requirements, you can also choose a low, mid, or high back upholstered chair.

Non-upholstered chairs: If you prefer a minimal look, non -upholstered wooden or metallic chairs are a great pick. They are very sleek but do not offer too much comfort.

Leather: If you want to add a rich sheen and luxury to your dining space, leather chairs are your best bet. While they are high-maintenance, they look amazing and are very comfortable.

Wicker: If you want your dining chairs to stand out, you can opt for wicker chairs. These chairs are durable and offer a great seating option.

My house isn’t very spacious and I’m thinking of buying an expandable dining set? Does Modish sell any? What factors should I consider for buying one?

ModishStore offers a huge selection of expandable dining sets. These are an excellent choice if you are short on space and want to add a versatile piece of furniture. There are a variety of styles available such as pull-out, pull down, foldable, etc. Pick a style that will work best within the space available.

Here are some key things to consider before you zero in on a dining table:

Your dining table should fit the space perfectly. Bring out the measuring tape to get a lay of the land before you set your heart on a particular style of shape.

Round or oval-shaped dining table sets offer you more surface area. They are perfect if you are running short on space. These tables are a great choice if you love to host dinner parties. Square or rectangular tables work better if you want a more intimate setting. Choosing the right material for the dining table is also critical. As an example, wooden dining tables are classic, but they are prone to wear and tear. Glass top tables appear very sophisticated but are very prone to chipping.

When it comes to purchasing dining room sets, it is never a wise idea to follow the latest trends in the market. For example, if you are a minimalist, purchasing a farmhouse dining table will make you feel uncomfortable. Similarly, if you adore ornate detailing in dining table chairs, getting an industrial style dining table will leave you craving for more.

Here are some do’s & don’t to take care of dining tables:

  • For regular cleaning, use a soft microfiber cloth to dust the surface gently
  • In the case of wooden tables, wipe the surface with a mixture of white vinegar and dish-washing soap. Steer clear of harsh chemicals as it may damage the surface.
  • In the case of MDF tables, washing them with warm soapy water combined with vinegar is recommended. It can help to remove grease and dirt from the surface.
  • For a glass top table, use an alcohol-based cleaner to clean the surface. To prevent streaks on the tabletop, use paper towels instead of a cloth. To clean a marble top table, use a cloth dampened with warm water. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or sprays.