When it comes to choosing furniture for your house, teak root furniture can be an exotic choice. Teak root furniture is stylish, durable and adds a lot of character to any space. It is also weather-resistant which makes it a perfect choice for craftsmen for building both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Teak originates from Tectona Grandis, a species of hardwood tree that is found in South Asia and belongs to the Lamiaceae family. At present, Myanmar has the largest number of teak trees, though teak was introduced in the forests of Indonesia 400 years ago during the occupation of the Dutch. These trees are large deciduous trees that have fragrant white flowers and rough leaves.

The wood obtained from the center of the tree has a golden yellow appearance and is commonly called heartwood teak. It has natural oils, resins, and terpenes that make it resistant to decay. Sapwood teak is the outer part of a teak tree and has a creamy color. It has a lower content of natural oils that makes it more prone to damage.

How is the teak root used?

The roots of a teak tree can also be used for manufacturing stunning pieces of furniture. The root wood has a rich golden tone and is blessed with natural durability that helps craftsmen to design bespoke pieces. Items such as teak root coffee table, teak root console table, teak root bench, teak root plant stand or teak root dining table can be created from whole teak root pieces.

Teak root wood is obtained from fallen teak trees. The roots are dug up from the ground and dried to enhance the durability. Once the root is ready for use, artisans study the cluster of roots to determine how the root can be shaped into a piece of furniture. Therefore, the design of each furniture is guided by the natural shape of the roots and that makes them completely unique. Some root clusters are also carved into teak root sculptures that can serve as a true statement piece for your decor.

Why opt for teak root furniture?

The uniqueness associated with teak root attracts everyone. A bookshelf or bed made out of teak root wood can last for a lifetime. Teak wood has water-resistant properties and does not splinter easily. It can also withstand extreme temperatures due to its high oil content. From elegant tables to attractive display furniture, teak wood is very versatile and is a top choice of furniture connoisseurs.

However, the quality of teak root furniture pieces available in the market varies. So always make a thorough assessment before making the purchase.

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