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The COVID-19 pandemic has made work from home the new normal. Many of us are working from home for the first time in our careers and we don’t know for how long this situation will last. This transition is even more difficult if your kids are out of school and at home. When working from home, it is important to keep your personal life from spilling over into your business life. And therefore you may be experiencing a need to set up a separate space for a small home office. As a first-time remote worker, you may be wondering, how do I best set up my home office for success?

Here are the best work from home office furniture to boost productivity (and keep you sane from staying inside the apartment all day).

Standing Desk

A standing desk is an adjustable desk that can be used for either sitting or standing. Frequent standing while working is considered a healthier option than long periods of sitting. This fits over a desk and the adjustable height feature makes it very convenient to use. You can achieve a healthier way of working with a Sit and Stand Monitor Desktop Platform in a modern phone office. We know that sitting for hours is an unhealthy practice, but with long workdays, it has become more common. Standing helps strengthen leg muscles, improves your balance and promotes healthy blood flow.

Standing while working even burns more calories than sitting. The standing desk gives you the option to sit down or stand up. Dual levers raise and decline with ease to achieve your desired position. The top surface comes in different sizes but any desk more than 28” wide is big enough for your tablet and desktop together or keep your cellphone in view.

Some models come with an ergonomic keyboard at a staggered height between the keyboard and monitor without having to manually adjust. Nonskid rubber pads protect the desk's surface and prevent the unit from sliding.

Laptop Desk

While its convenient to work from your bed or couch, if you are required to video-conference, sitting on a couch or a bed does not present a professional profile. A laptop desk is a must-have if you are planning to WFH only for a short while. It gives you a comfortable, handy work surface, large enough for a laptop plus another smaller screen and some space for your other electronics. Normally such desks come with a multiple angled mechanism for lifting the desk to the angle you want. The drawback is that long periods may cause back discomfort. The laptop desk is available at a very reasonable $50 for a home office on a budget.

Height Adjustable Zoom Table

Zip around with ease with this handy little desk that can be used while working on your laptop or as a speakers' lectern. The height can be adjusted from 29” to 41” which makes it extremely convenient whether you work from a couch, a higher chair or a lower bed. Some of these desks have more than one work surface, at comfortable angles, which lets you work with more than one screen. This useful and convenient piece of furniture is versatile enough to slide under chairs or beds and be used for a variety of tasks, whether to enjoy dinner while watching TV or to participate in a video conferencing.

Work Desk

If you are planning to WFH for some months or anticipate WFH becoming a norm in your industry, it would be wise to invest in a desk with a larger surface than the above tables and desks., (large enough to hold a computer and still leave enough room for a desktop workspace) There is a huge number and variety of desks to choose from depending on the type of work you do, the space at your disposal and your budget. If you are a graphic designer, the type of desk you need would be different if you were working as a customer service support. The choice of a desk requires thought and analysis, therefore it may be best to take some time to order a desk. Work desks come in many sizes. Small desks, made of MDF are light enough to set up in a corner and get your home office going and set you back by $125. You can also choose a good spacious desk made of teak, with multiple drawers for organizing your entire office or go in for a computer hutch.

Office Chair

Chair Now we come to the office c. It’s important to choose an ergonomic chair, a chair designed for comfort in the work environment. Typically, an ergonomic chair will adjust to your body type and contour. Working in a chair that forces you to lean forward can cause back pain. A chair that is too low can cause strain on your wrists. So, a decent office desk chair is a must Choose an easily adjustable chair, which is comfortable enough to get you through a productive workday. , Look out for chair features like adjustable armrests and an open backrest for ergonomic seating, a center tilt for maximum support, height-adjustable, features or a swivel chair with a tilt lock for safety. Additionally, when choosing a chair, consider the upholstery. Some people are allergic to certain types of upholstery, such as non-organic leather.


Natural lighting from the sun gives you energy and increases creativity. It is best to place your desk as close as possible to natural light. Having poor lighting in your office can make you look unprofessional on video calls. If there is a window in your video background or a large source of light, that video lens will focus on that and make you look dark. It’s a best practice to have a light shining in front of you and behind the camera. Table lamps for a clear focused light are important. You can also work with clip on desk lights, which are very convenient to move around as needed.

Message Boards

Last but not the least you could invest in a set of message boards to stick the messages in as well as the use the bungee cords to hold any small item, from pens, markers, sunglasses, notes, scissors, gluesticks, keys and anything that you always lose. Here is a great message board we are very excited over.