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    Work from Home- Home Office- WFH Furniture

    There was a time when work-from-home was a trend best associated with freelancers. Not anymore. The COVID-19 outbreak has made setting up a comfortable and productive home office necessary for professionals all over the world, what with people staying home and working remotely from home. The first thing you need to organise your home office is good-quality and modern home office furniture. Must-haves include an office desk/computer desk, small corner desk, height adjustable zoom table, an ergonomic home office chair/work chair, storage cabinet and desk with drawers or shelves. When it comes to finding the best WFH furniture for your home office, the Modish Store is where you should be! We bring you a vast collection of practical, comfortable and exceptional-quality home office furniture pieces to help you turn your workspace into a productive haven.

    Some of our WFH furniture categories include Message Boards, Wall Organisers and Key Organisers, Standing Desks, Height Adjustable Zoom Tables, Laptop Desk for Bed, Work Desks and Work Chairs, Desk Lamps, Work Book Cases, Home Office Bins and Baskets, Home Office Shelves and Shelving Units, Office Easy Chairs, Home Office Accessories and Home Office in a Box-WFH Furniture Sets.


    Remote working can be difficult, especially if you have kids. There will be plenty of distractions, and finding a quiet corner to work may be a challenge. However, with some planning and forethought, you can make your work-from-home experience memorable.

    FIND YOURSELF A DEDICATED WORKSPACE: Though you cannot recreate a typical office environment at home, you can do the next best thing – designate an area in your home as your workspace. A separate workspace will enhance your productivity and help you concentrate better.

    Once you know where you will be working for the foreseeable future, invest in smart office desks and chairs, and other essential accessories to create a mini-office in the comforts of your home. The Modish Store is here to help you pick the right home office furniture.  

    Our Work Desks for home office suit every need and budget. From corner computer desks, L-shaped desks, standing desks, ergonomic writing desks and workstations to wooden desks, desks with hutch, farmhouse desks, desks with storage and modern desks, we bring you minimalist designs with lightweight construction and good looks.

    Our Office Chairs have balanced designs and swivel action to support your leg and back while giving you the flexibility to lean forward and backwards easily. 

    And if you’re looking for an Office Easy Chair where you can sit back and take a breather between back-to-back meetings, our eclectic collection of comfortable easy chairs will more than satisfy your needs.

    Another must-have in your home office is a Height Adjustable Zoom Table, your perfect partner during long zoom meetings.

    Our Height Adjustable Standing Desks are perfect for staying active during work hours. You can use these ergonomic desks to stand and work, which is an excellent technique to burn calories and strengthen leg muscles. Why sit when you can stand and stay healthy?

    Your workspace will be incomplete without our stylish and functional Home Office Desk Lamps. With these delightful designs at your side, you can get your best work done, day or night.

    KEEP YOUR WORKSPACE CLUTTER FREE: The trick to having a productive workday is to keep your workspace organised and clutter-free so you can move from one task to another without getting overwhelmed.

    Modish brings you handy Desks with Drawers, spacious Work Book Cases and multi-purpose Home Office Shelves and Shelving Units to serve all your storage and organisational needs.

    When it comes to useful home office accessories, Modish has you covered. Our Home Office Bins and Baskets are ideal for storing stationery items in one place.  

    Working from home offers the flexibility to operate from absolutely anywhere, even your dining table, bed or living room sofa if you so please! All you need is a good laptop desk for bed, and you’re ready to catch up on your work.

    PERSONALISE YOUR SPACE: Considering that you will spend a large part of your day in your home office, why not give it a personal touch and make it more inviting?

    Check out our beautiful collection of message boards, desk organisers, letter trays and sorters that will look great on your desk and walls, and make your life easier.

    Are you ready to set up your home office? Take a look at our eclectic collection of Work from Home Office Furniture products today!