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Table lamps aren’t just a source of light. They are also essential to enhance the décor of a room. These pools of illumination can add charm, character, and appeal to any space. With a well-chosen table lamp, you can light up a corner, draw att...

Table lamps aren’t just a source of light. They are also essential to enhance the décor of a room. These pools of illumination can add charm, character, and appeal to any space. With a well-chosen table lamp, you can light up a corner, draw attention to an accent wall, or simply create a warm and inviting nook. At ModishStore, choosing the right table lamp for your home or office is easy and effortless. There’s a vast range of styles, shapes, materials, and colors. Be it rustic, contemporary, vintage, or industrial, there will be one, that's just right for you.

Choosing The Right Table Lamp

There is no one ideal table lamp. The perfect one for you is the one that reflects your style, one that complements the interior. And one that suits the purpose for which it is selected. That’s why before you select one, it’s imperative to keep these factors in mind, and also take your time in going through the curated selection


  • Table lamps and furniture: Table lamps are at their best, when matched with the furniture they are placed on. Depending on the shape and material of your furniture, you can choose one that blends in, or one that offers a contrast.
  • Table lamps and space: The use to which table lamps are put is also an important factor to consider. If it’s on a work table, you can consider a table lamp with a USB port. If it’s a bedside table lamp or a nightstand lamp, you can look at one with directional light. If it’s for ambient light, you can decide on a charming mid-century modern table lamp. There are no rules, only possibilities.

Be it decorative table lamps, unique table lamps, designer table lamps, wood or driftwood table lamps; you’re sure to find one or more that are just right. We even have a range of unusual table lamps, such as deer antler table lamps or crystal table lamps. If you’re looking to liven up a corner at home, we have living room table lamps, nightstand table lamps, and outdoor table lamps too.

Table Lamp Shapes And Colors

Let’s look at the large variety of table lamps you can consider buying for your cherished home. Oval, rectangular, round, or square? The shape of a lamp can often be a deciding factor in terms of where it is to be placed. Fortunately, we have all these shapes to suit your needs. There’s a huge variety of colors, too. From the popular blue, black, and brown, to the more unusual red, silver, and walnut, you’ll be able to find a color that blends with or complements your interior perfectly. There’s even orange, tan, or yellow if you want your lamp to be a little out there. Another critical factor that can influence you choice - the pattern or shape. From geometric to curved, from cylindrical to shell-shaped, the patterns on offer here are designed to reflect every aesthetic. Choose one that makes the statement you want.

Table Lamp Styles And Materials

There are many style statements you can make with table lamps. You can, for example, choose one that is cutting-edge and contemporary. Industrial chic styles are also trendy nowadays. Then, there are some who are looking for a classical touch. For them, there are traditional, vintage, and rustic styles. Whatever it is, you’ll find it here at Modish. Different materials used in table lamps, too, can create different impressions. One crafted entirely from smooth metal, for example, will exude elegance. Acrylic and glass will connote elegance and a touch of the modern. A more rustic and vintage appeal will come from materials such as stone or wood. Take a good look at all these materials and more such as iron, resin, and ceramic table lamps.

Cleaning And Care Of Table Lamps

With light and regular maintenance, a table lamp will last for a long time. You should dust and clean the surface depending on the material and its shape. In general, a duster or a soft cloth should do the trick. To get rid of spots on table lamp shades, you can try using upholstery brushes. Or, you can use a microfiber cloth with a few drops of dishwashing or fabric care liquid. Remember not to use too much force while cleaning, or your precious and elegant table lamp might suffer from scratches and damage. With normal use and care, however, it will cast a welcoming glow for ages.

Table Lamp Brands At Modish

Modish likes to work with brands known for their environmental ethos, as well as responsible manufacturing practices. That’s why the products you see here are unique and striking. Some of our featured brands of table lamps are A&B Home, Diamond Lighting, Fine Mod Imports, Guild Master, Kalalou, Lamp Works, LumiSource, Roost, Surya, Teton Home, and a great deal more.

Did You Know? Modish chooses the products featured here with great care. Their manufacturing is environment-friendly, and the brands follow a green and sustainable ethos. We are a company that believes in using resources with responsibility. Every time you place an order with us, we will plant a tree on your behalf and also send you a tree certificate as a thank you note. All of this means that when you get a table lamp from us, you don’t just get a wonderful interior accessory and source of light. You also acquire an artisanal, quality product that’s crafted with care for the environment.



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