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At Modish, we strongly believe that to make the world eco-friendly, we must start with our homes. Surely, you will agree that the one color that looks great, both inside and outside every home is the color of nature – green. And there’s nothing better than using planters, troughs and cachepots to introduce a little greenery, within the home and around it, be it the patio, porch or your backyard. With many choices available in indoor planters, nursery pots and planters, succulent pots, plant pots, wall hanging planters and outdoor plant stands at the Modish Store, you can easily turn your home into a serene haven. Green plants are not only excellent for our environment but also an instant mood booster and perfect to decorate your home, naturally and cost-efficiently.


Once you have made up your mind to buy the best house planters and planter stands for your plants, you need to consider where and how you will be placing them in and around your home.

Here are some tips to help you get started –

PLACEMENT: Knowing the placement of your plants is important to select the right planters, be it flower planters, tree planters or plant shelves. While succulent planters, orchid pots and shade planters are ideal for decorating your home, vertical, wall and tall planters make your home walls more appealing. They also save space and enhance air quality. Many families with children or pets or those who don’t want their plants on the floor prefer hanging indoor planters. Hanging planters such as hanging basket flowers are stylish and attractive accessories to elevate your home’s aesthetics while giving you a chance to stop and appreciate their beauty at eye level. Outdoor, large and tropical planters are good choices for growing vegetables. Some popular choices include strawberry planters and tomato planters. You can place window box planters at your kitchen window and enjoy access to your favorite herbs while you cook!

WATER DRAINAGE: Different plants have different watering demands so take into account your plant’s water requirements before you finalise a planter. For example, if you wish to place a house plant in your living room corner or side table, you can opt for a Cachepot, which is a beautiful and eye-catching container to conceal your plant’s original pot. Since cachepots do not have a drainage hole, they take away the stress of water leaking onto your floors or surfaces.

SIZES AND MATERIALS: Indoor plant and flower pots, self-watering and terrarium planters as well as rectangular trough planters come in a variety of sizes, large and small. So before you select a planter for your cherished plants, think about which size will be right for them to grow and blossom without overcrowding. For example, you can place large trough planters in your garden to create a stunning border and smaller ones inside your home. At Modish, you can find planting options for indoor and outdoor use in materials as diverse as metal, glass, iron, concrete, clay, wood, resin, fibreglass, ceramic and terracotta, etc.



Modish is home to many popular planter designs. Let’s look at some bestsellers –

Kalalou Ceramic Head Planter: These multi-purpose head planters from Kalalou are quite literally a head-turner. Available in white, red, turquoise and green colors, they are a modern twist on a classic sculpture.

Zinc Indoor / Outdoor Wall Planters by Artisan Living: These stunning and stylish metal disc wall planters are perfect receptacles for water-wise succulent gardening. They come in two shapes - full circle and semi-circle and six different sizes, ideal for creating a living wall.

Rust Wall Planter by Accent Décor is another likeable metal planter to brighten your walls.

Desert Garden by Gold Leaf Design Group is a popular handmade succulent design in white, just right for your indoor planting needs.

Hanging Resin Pod, Tillandsia Air Plant by Gold Leaf Design Group is a set of 6 handcrafted air plants that can be hung at different levels using the bendable looped wire. It is a visual green feast for the eyes!

Summers are here and it is time to fill your home with the color green! Our assortment of pots and planters represent some of the best brands. They are gorgeous pieces of art and functional must-haves that will serve as a beautiful home for your plants and take the décor of your house several notches up. Shop now!

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