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Sofas, Sectionals, Chaise


Sofas, Sectionals, Chaise

At Modish, find comfortable and affordable sofas, cosy love-seats, settees, relaxed chaise lounges and sectionals to match your room. Sophisticated options from Modloft, Modway, Whiteline and others in  leather and fabric upholstered.

Choosing the Right Sofa

Sometimes called a couch or settee, a sofa is a long seat with both arms and a back. A sofa is an essential element of every home. If you are shopping for a sofa, it’s better to know some things so you can pick the best.

First of all, we will go through the different types of sofas, and these can be easily categorized by their size, arm, and back shape.

The Sectional Sofas are the most up-to-date trend. It is a multi-purpose sofa. The number of sofas put together can be 3 or 5 as per your need and can be adjusted in different shapes as well. Sectional sofas are found mostly in L-Shape or U-Shape.

It is a today’s version of a wide love seat. It precisely offers shallow seating designed to seat only two people. It has a high straight back with a clean look. They come in a variety of fashions and can be a perfect wing to the entryway or a small living room.

The name is derived from chaise lounge chairs which are an attractive addition to the bedroom as well. It has a modern shape, and the chaise may or may not have a back & arm. A chaise sofa is a brilliant option for modern contemporary homes.

The loveseat is pretty much the same as sofa aside from it being smaller. In other countries, we refer to them as a 2 or a three seater, which kind of makes them slightly different types of sofas only.

How to match the sofa to your need

Thanks to the broad range of sofas available these days, every home finds one that is perfect for it. The points to look at when finding the best sofa for your home

Size is a significant consideration when buying a sofa. It needs to fit in your space - it shouldn’t overwhelm or underwhelm.

Judge the sofa regarding the comfort by its length, height of back and armrest and depth of seats. If it makes you feel pleasant and comfortable, buy it without giving a second thought.

This point has the potential to make or ruin the ambiance of your room. Go for a sofa that will give an elegant yet timeless look to your living room.

Now we will come to the sofa fabric, it may sound arbitrary, but these details can make a huge difference when out sofa shopping, Sofa fabric types can be classified into synthetics, leather, etc. With many varieties in each category, there's a sofa fabric to fit everyone's decorating needs.

A sofa can enhance or define the decor of a room. Take some time and analyze your thoughts to find the one that suits your home and style.