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Collection: Vases

Modish has an exquisite collection of table, floor, wall & hanging vases in various styles & types from Roost, Imax, Kalalou, GO Home and many other brands that perfectly suits your interior and exterior home decor.

Different Kinds of Vases

Narrow neck vase

This is the most classic shaped vase, with a wide base that narrows towards the neck to keep blooms bunched together. Use it to display: Flowers with thin stems that will fit through the neck but have a big corolla, such as hydrangeas, magnolias and crepe myrtle.

Bud vase

A bud vase can be short or tall, but the common feature is a tiny neck that’s perfect for holding a single or a few small stems. Use it to display: Smaller cuttings from the garden like geraniums, daisies and freesias, or to display a single favourite flower every week.

Cylinder vase

Tall, with plenty of space, a cylinder vase is great for larger blooms that also have a lot of foliage. Use it to display: Bountiful bunches like lilies and and hollyhock.

Cube vase

Short, but with a large surface area, a cube vase is best used for shorter stem flowers or flowers with a small corolla, to make them more impactful. Use it to display: Roses and tulips trimmed to the right size.

Flared vase

A flared vase has a thinner base and widens out towards the neck. Use it to display: Flowers with minimal foliage on their stems but abundant round bloom, like peonies and ranunculus.

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