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Ariana on Oct 04, 2017

If you are looking for really delicate and pretty lamps, I recommend these lights. I got them the same week I placed the order, which was great as I was running late with a project. As a designer, I have to admit that these lamps add a lot of charm and warmth to a room. The lamp itself is woven so delicately, the bamboo fiber is tender and supple which is how they can be used to weave round shapes. Just wow pretty!

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Roost Costa Verde Hanging Lamp

Roost Costa Verde Hanging Lamp

Roost Costa Verde Hanging Lamp is a contemporary looking chandelier made of natural authentic material. In spite of its modern shape and design, the lamp gives a casual appeal because of its natural fibers and textures.

Roshni Woven Bamboo Pendant Lamp
$204.00 $272.00

Roshni Woven Bamboo Pendant Lamp

Handwoven Bamboo Lamp with a diffuser column. Perfect for a zen-like pillar of light for places where you need a lot of warm lighting, This lamp comes with a canopy which has to be put up.

Roost Bamboo Cloud Chandeliers

Roost Bamboo Cloud Chandeliers

The Roost Bamboo Cloud Chandelier is an iconic product. Being the most talked about product by Roost, it is the work of a Thai artist.

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