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Who says you need a garden to satiate your love for gardening? With gardening space in short supply, and the concept of indoor gardening gaining immense popularity, more and more people are turning to terrariums to satisfy their gardening aspirations. Great for bringing the outdoors indoors, glass terrariums are a wonderful investment for your home and office and an easy way to add some greenery to your indoors.  Think of terrariums as miniature gardens or mini-glasshouses that provide ideal conditions and a perfect ecosystem to grow a wide variety of plants. Once the soil and plants are placed inside these transparent glass containers, they can be sealed or opened as required.

If you’re a nature enthusiast who likes to be around beautiful green plants, you’ll love the stunning collection of hanging glass terrariums, geometric terrariums, wall terrariums, and moss terrariums at the ModishStore.


Whether you are working at your desk, sitting in your living room or having a bite to eat at the dining table, you can enjoy the company of your favorite plants, ensconced in the warm comforts of beautiful DIY terrariums.

With the right glass terrarium, you can make your home a green haven that celebrates nature and its bounties. And with so many gorgeous small and large terrarium containers available, you can count on having a glorious terrarium shopping experience!

  • Closed Terrariums: As the name suggests, closed terrariums are containers that have a lid or closure within which the plants are kept. In this protective, self-sustaining environment, the soil and plants such as ferns and mosses get enough water and stay moist. Closed terrarium plants require moisture control and less frequent watering.
  • Open Terrariums: These succulent terrarium containers do not have a lid and are kept open. Plants that need direct sunlight, good circulation of air and less moisture such as cacti are ideal for placing in open terrariums. Since there is no internal water system, these cactus terrarium plants need to be watered as and when required.
  • Hanging Terrariums: If you’d like to give a creative touch to your indoor gardening, you should invest in hanging terrarium containers that can be hung from suspension rods or the ceiling using a strong jute rope. Hanging glass terrariums are a pleasure to look at and are guaranteed to brighten up your spaces.
  • Geometric Terrariums: Made to resemble different geometric shapes such as diamond, cubes, pentagon, polyhedron, etc., geometric terrariums are the most vividly designed glass terrariums.


Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to the myriad shapes and styles of glass terrariums available at the ModishStore. Designed to please, our range of succulent terrariums is a work of art, made with a whole lot of precision and care. Whether you are looking for a mini or a large terrarium, we have the most fascinating shapes - Oval, Rectangle, Round, Square and Geometrical. Our terrariums are available in styles as diverse as Classic, Contemporary, Industrial, Modern, Rustic, Traditional, Transitional and Vintage.


Our hand blown glass terrariums are by far the most sought after, thanks to their transparency, clarity and overall presence. However, glass terrariums are also made in combination with other popular materials. These include – Copper, Iron, Metal, Steel, Wood and Zinc.


At the ModishStore, you will find glass terrarium designs that are unique, eye-catching and dramatic, just right to add to your décor and showcase your love for nature. Some of our most popular pieces are designed as – a glass pond, bubble, cottage, dome, vase, and jar.

Let’s take a quick look at some of our bestselling Glass Terrariums –

  • The Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Terrarium in extra small is a glass bubble design that is expertly flattened and curved into shape for a dramatic look.
  • The Kalalou Glass Terrarium with Iron Stand is a signature piece that exudes style and class.
  • HomArt Glass Dome in a choice of five sizes is a versatile and lovely addition to your home that comes with a cover and is a wonderful decorative and functional piece.


We stock terrarium containers from some of the most reputed brands across the globe. These include – Accent Décor, HomArt, Kalalou, Oohlong, Roost and Vagabond Vintage. 

Come! Experience the pleasures of owing superior-quality glass terrariums. Start shopping now!



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